How to Get Away with Murder Season 3, Has Annalise Finally Given Up, the Story So Far

In a predicament, where we find history repeating itself, as so much has happened in this episode, that it is again difficult to understand where to begin unpacking it all.

We start with Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) getting a call from Nate (played by Billy Brown) after she is released from prison. We see Nate confessing to her that he was present in the house at the night of Wes’s murder or the night of the fire. He also expresses how he feels responsible for the death of Wes.

However, Annalise reject believing that he had anything to do with it.

In a flashback of that fateful night Wes and Nate unexpectedly meet each other at Annalise’s house< both have the excuse of wanting to talk to her. Wes (played by Alfred Enoch), says that he wishes to make things good between him and Annalise. While Nate on the other hand advises him to stay away from her, for she is not a good person.

Wes on the other hand, refuses to listen and defends his stance by saying that Annalise has protected him and that even though he was undeserving of it for he has done terrible things to her. Although, Wes was reluctant to mention what those terrible things were< when Nate asks about them.

We are already aware that shooting Annalise and selling her out are two of them. When he was still at Annalise’s place, Nate takes a phone call from the Philadelphia police station and lies when questioned whether he knows of Wes’s location.

The Keating 4 along with Oliver continue with their struggle on dealing with Wes’s murder. Laurel played by Karla Souza, hints that going after the Mahoney’s for she is sure that they are somehow involved in Wes’s murder. Then Annalise and Laura get into a bit of an argument when Annalise cautions her to be careful before jumping into conclusions, as the Mahoney’s are very dangerous.

Laurel employs a private investigator to look into the Mahoneys, and the investigatordiscovers that one of them (a woman)has demanded a DNA examination for Wes, perhapsto find out if he was indeed Wallace Mahoney’s son. Laurel jumps to the assumption that the family must have murdered Wes after they found out he was in fact linked to them.

Although, it is very clear that she didn’t want to admit it, however, finally Annalise reveals to Laurel, Asher, Connor, Michaela; played by Matt McGorry, Jack Falahee and Aja Naomi King respectively, that Mahoneys murdered her unborn child years ago. She told this to explain to Laurel how dangerous the Mahoneys are as she kept on insisting to go after them.

Before this only Bonnie played by Liza Weil, knew that Frank conspired with the Mahoneys to kill Annalise’s baby.Asher confides in Michaela that his suspicions are becoming more concrete that Connor is the “anonymous source” who informed the police that Annalise was behind Wes’s murder and also caused the fire.

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 Has Annalise finally give up

Because of Connor’s recurring explicit as well as implicit suggestions towards the fact that Annalise might be guilty and everybody’s attempt at trying to save her is for no reason at all.  Although, Michaela refuses to budge at Asher’s suggestion and tells him to keep his mouth shut.

The President of Middleton University Soraya Hargrove (played by Lauren Velez) invites Annalise over and even requests to see Ms. Keating to see if she’s doing okay now, after she’s out of prison. However, Annalise swiftlygrasps Hargrove is faking her concern, and that she was putting up this drama simply at the request of Assistant D.A. Renee Atwood (played by Milauna Jackson), who presented her custody of her children over her husband in exchange for a case Annalise had offered to help Hargrove with,former to her arrest.

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