With great and exemplary experience in local marketing, Al-Mashroot Akhbar Company is ready to help agencies, international and national organizations, private companies and individuals with running marketing campaigns.

Al-Mashroot Akhbar Company, the parent company of Master Herald, also offers online marketing services. Parties interested in advertising with Master Herald should contact Al-Mashroot Akhbar Company to discuss their marketing goals and plans.

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It is worth mentioning that Master Herald is operated independently from political parties. For this reason, we don’t accept payments for promoting political campaigns through and its subsidiary newsletters.

Please note that is currently one of the few English news websites reporting directly from the Middle East region. Over the past few months, the website has managed to attract a handful number of loyal subscribers and readers.

Master Herald is founded by Mohsen Al-Ghadami, and it is based in Muscat. The team is financially supported by Al-Mashroot Akhbar Company of Oman. For more information regarding, please visit the about us page.

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