3 Essential Tips for First Time Outdoor Roller Skaters

Roller skating is a throwback to the 80’s where it was a popular pastime, and ever since it has threatened to make a comeback as a popular outdoor exercise activity.

The old roller skating rinks are gone and you will have to stick to outdoor skating if you want to give things a try. This means safety and protective equipment! Especially if you are heading out for the first time.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to get the most out of your outdoor roller skating experience.

Get the Proper Protection Gear

The first thing you should do is get yourself proper protection gear to prevent scuffs and injuries with your knees and elbows the most vulnerable areas.

Don’t go for the cheapest protection. You need gear that will last and withstand a fall and stay in place.

It also needs to be breathable, especially if it gets very hot and muggy where you are.

It’s your choice to wear a helmet or not, but if you’re totally green, wearing a helmet is always a better option.

Everything depends on your level of experience, what kind of setting you’ll be skating in, and how fast you’re going to go.

Avoid Moisture at all Costs

Moisture is one of the worst things, not only for safety reasons but because it can deteriorate your skates.

Moisture is very bad for your boots and can cause your bearings to rust. So, try to avoid puddles and if your skates get wet by accident, wipe them off and dry off your bearings as soon as you get home.

Choose the Right Skates

If you didn’t know already, there’s a significant difference between indoor roller skates and outdoor roller skates, and it mainly has to do with the wheels.

The wheels on indoor skates must be hard to roll easily while outdoor roller skates need to be a bit softer so they can grip the road better.

Wheel measurements are specified by durometer score, or hardness and diameter.

Hardness will affect grip while diameter will affect acceleration and top speed. Wheels with a larger diameter will have higher top speeds while smaller wheels will provide better acceleration.

Note that width will make a difference in your performance as well. Wider wheels will be more stable, for instance, while thinner wheels are more agile.Outdoor Roller Skating

If you pick a 78mm/80A wheel, 78 mm is the diameter while 80A refers to its hardness. Outdoor wheels usually fall within the 74A to 84A range. It’s up to you to try different wheel sizes and diameters until you get something that works for you.

If all of this is too complicated, then you can make things easier and buy skates that are marked as outdoor roller skates. Buy them from a reputable supplier and don’t hesitate to ask them questions about which model they think would be better for your needs, level of experience, age, and the type of terrain you intend to skate on.

Anyone who wants to give outdoor roller skating a try should follow our tips. If you’re new to skating, remember to keep safety first and take the time to pick the perfect pair of skates before getting started.

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