How to Get Away with Murder Season 3, Has Annalise Finally Given Up, the Story So Far

Hargrove asks Annalise if she would perhaps do the same thing if she had children, and walks out, as Annalise remains irritated at Atwood’s continued efforts at sabotaging her life even now that she has been freed on bail, from prison.

Annalise sends word to the Pennsylvania’s state Attorney General and emphasizes to him, both in a letter and in person, that the AG inspect Atwood for poorly dealing with her case by displaying both personal biases against her and meddling with the evidence, that evidence being Wes’s body, by having the body moved.

Annalise even threatens to sue the AG’s office and recruits Oliver (played by Conrad Ricamora) to help her in leaking an article hypothesizing there is a conspiracy sandwiched between the state government and Philadelphia’s D.A. Office to have Wes’s body hidden and unfairly implicate Annalise.

Though, when the AG sees this article with Atwood’s picture, she angrily calls Annalise and reacts with a threat of her own. She tells her to “stop” with these ridiculous conspiracy theories, or she will have her thrown back in jail, and might even get her “the death penalty.” While Frank continues to work with Bonnie to help prove Annalise is innocent both personally and in the court case.

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