‘Westworld’ Season 2 Ed Harris Confirms Return of Man in Black; Storyline to Focus on How the Hosts Operate!

The husband-and-wife showrunner tandem adds that there were multiple ideas that the first season was not able to touch so they are currently breaking it into the next season.

To appease fans of waiting for almost a year, the show’s website has added a fun new game, which scrambles a conversation between Logan and Dolores. Players have somehow noticed that it hits at a robot apocalypse.

Fans now speculate that this could be the creators dropping a major hint on what to expect for Season 2, given their statements on the earlier that the next season shall be focusing on the hosts.

The conversation also hints that Hector and Armistice are still alive. There are also an indication that Dolores and Wyatt are merged one-in-the-same personalities, which is aptly apocalyptic.

“Westworld” has received a critical response and has reaped many nominations and awards since its debut.

The Season 1 finale raked 2.2 million viewers for its initial broadcast and increased to 3.5 million including replays and on-demand viewing.

The first season of the hit series was dubbed as the most-watched first season of a TV series in HBO, garnering an average cumulative viewership of 12 million viewers, and defeating the viewership of the pilot season of “True Detective.”

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