Epic Fightback Teased in Walking Dead Midseason Premiere, 3 Key Characters Killed

The Walking Dead returned last week, and a new promo video has been released for the mid-season premiere. It comes with interviews with the crew and the cast along with footage from the upcoming episodes. Season 7’s first half is a rather controversial one.

In the entire series, the opening episode was the most controversial one and some of the fans complained that it had gone too far. An initial suggestion that the producers had toned down the violence in other parts of the season, was quickly denied. Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick on the show defended the season so far.

According to him, one doesn’t want it to be negative but if they are trying to make something totally different, unique and challenging and also something that is dangerously new, it will provoke different reactions from the people.

He is standing by everybody who is telling the story, especially the writers and everybody else who is directing it. According to him, it is very bold and brave and also quite challenging story which they are attempting. He further went on to explain that the early levels of violence along with the slower pace of subsequent episodes were quite deliberate.

According to him, he knows that people wish to watch more than one episode per week but that is only because the story is kind of compulsive and people really want to know what happens next. He further mentioned that for sometimes, having to wait is a good thing since they get to recap on other things and view them in a more different way.

Last month, a series of cryptic posters were revealed and from the looks of it, an eighth season is on the way. It is scheduled to start in late 2017 with the 100th episode of the show. Meanwhile, in the mid-season finale, it is the plea which keeps the survivors going, as seen in “Hearts still beating”.

After torture, theft, humiliation and heartbreak at the hands of the Saviors, the Alexandria residents pick themselves up from the ground and decide to move further. That is what Michonne begged off Rick, an unspoken agreement between Maggie and her friends along with the weary ask of the man in the Kingdom.

That is also what seems like the show is asking from its fans. For the show, Season 7 has been a rather downward slide for the fans, in terms of both quality and ratings. Many of the problems are a result of Negan’s exhausting form of villainy but he doesn’t seem to be the only problem. In Hearts Still Beating, we caught brief glimpses of what made the show work prior to this season and reminded us of the some of the greatest flaws.

Carol and Morgan’s brief appearance is enough to know that sidelining them for all but one of the episodes was a major mistake. The emotional speech by Michonne made the season of sulking more tiresome. The energy of the group of survivors together at the hilltop simply highlighted the slog which kept those people apart.

Walking Dead mid-season premiere promo teases epic fightback

When the show comes back in February, it needs a renewed sense of energy to sustain the momentum which began building Sunday night. Violence, walkers and literal guts aren’t enough to keep the narrative moving. The show must find its purpose again. However, Hearts Still Beating doesn’t only refer to the characters but also the show itself.

During Sunday’s highly anticipated mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead started things with a bang, featuring one of the most satisfying and unexpected moments of the series. As the hour continued, things started getting more and more intense.

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