Epic Fightback Teased in Walking Dead Midseason Premiere, 3 Key Characters Killed

With around 12 human casualties along with an unexpected bullet wound, the episode in Sunday proved to be the most gruesome and deadly episode of the entire series. Meanwhile, Daryl no longer uses the crossbow. His new weapon is a military grade RPG, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and he uses it in the most shockingly satisfying moment.

When Negan’s gang of motorcycle vigilantes are about to kill Sasha and Abraham in the middle of the street, Daryl comes to the rescue with an amazing twist. He blows up seven members of the crew and kills another with simply his hands before giving the most Daryl kind of explanation, “What a bunch of assh**es.”

Meanwhile, while the flesh was being ripped apart from her youngest son, Jessie started sobbing and crying out. Naturally, her uncontrollable screams made her the next victim. While disappearing under a bunch of undead demons, Ricks started having flashbacks about his crush in Alexandria, and he went into a state of shock.

In spite of Jessie being ripped apart, her grip on Carl remained unbreakable. Once Rick snapped out of his state of shock, he used an axe to free Carl from the grip. When Ron tries to kill him, Michonne stabs him in the back with the Katana, giving rise to yet another casualty.

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