‘Westworld’ Season 2 Ed Harris Confirms Return of Man in Black; Storyline to Focus on How the Hosts Operate!

While fans won’t be seeing the sophomore season of HBO’s “Westworld” until 2018, news about what’s to come for the latest installment have been coming out on the internet lately and it’s more than enough to get fans excited about what will happen next in the TV series.

It looks like the Man in Black a.k.a the older version of William will be revisiting the infamous theme park once again. In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Ed Harris, the actor who plays the character, confirmed that he will indeed return for the second season of “Westworld.”

Harris says that he spoke to series creators Jonah and Lisa Joy Nolan and said that they are already writing the second season with his character being involved.

Harris did not divulge how much of his character will be involved but said that the Man in Black will still be a key figure in the second season, especially now that he practically owns Westworld alone.

Fans will remember that the season’s biggest plot twist was that the Man in Black was revealed to be Jimmi Simpson’s William through Dolores’ flashbacks. Simpson confirmed that he won’t be returning for Season 2, which is understandable given the show’s timeline.

Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard, previously confirmed his character’s return for the upcoming season. Fans are also suspecting that his trusted right-hand Elsie might also return.

Shannon Woodward’s Elsie has become a fan-favorite during the pilot season’s run and despite her untimely death, the creators are hinting at her return. Fans believe that her return could be in the form of the flashback.

Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, and James Marsden are also set to reprise their roles as Dolores, Madame Maeve, and Teddy, respectively. Fans assume that Leonardo Nam, who plays Felix will also return. The character was a huge help to Maeve for unraveling the truth and helping her escape.

As for Anthony Hopkin’ Robert Ford, the series creators hint at the character’s potential return despite his demise in the season finale.

Fans will remember that during the final minutes of the season finale, an angered Dolores killed the founder and creative director of Westworld after she found out the truth about Westworld, Wyatt, and William.

Nolan confirmed that Robert Ford is indeed dead, but they do not rule out the possibility that he might make an appearance again for Season 2. Ford, however, has only signed up for one season.

He says that with the show, it’s best to not assume anything because the possibilities are endless. For a show that treats death very lightly, every character will always be questioned to return or not.

The science fiction western thriller was renewed for a second season for another 10 episodes. HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys stated that he doesn’t expect the sophomore season to air until 2018.

Nolan said that 2018 as a target date for Season 2 is not that bad. Reports say that HBO will schedule the upcoming season for next year so as to not coincide with the final two seasons of its hit series “Game of Thrones.”

The series is set to air Season 7 later this year with seven episodes, and the final season is set to hit small screens by 2018.

Nolan promised fans that Season 2 will explore more about the hosts, particularly their construction and source of power. The advantages and disadvantages of being a host will also be tackled in the next installment.

The hosts, although looking like actual human beings, do not require oxygen but are as fragile as humans. They can decide on their own as dictated by their default personality. Also, when they die, they can be brought to life after repair with no memory of what happened.

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