Upcoming ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 will have the Fewest Episodes in the Last 7 Years of the Series

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character in the series is an important and integral part of the show so the showrunners really need to be creative in allowing her to skip a full season without killing off her character.

Hewitt would likely skip the entire year and just come back for Season 12, quite confident that “Criminal Minds” will extend beyond its 11th season.

Unlike most TV series of its genre, the people behind “Criminal Minds” does not like killing off characters.

Erica Messer said that the production team likes people to come back and play whenever they can so they don’t just kill them off.

In order not to highlight too much the absence of Jennifer and AJ in the upcoming Season 11 of “Criminal Minds,” the production team will bring back familiar faces from previous seasons to keep up with its ‘revolving door’ system of bringing in and out new agents that are normally played by guest stars.


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