Upcoming ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 will have the Fewest Episodes in the Last 7 Years of the Series

The American police-procedural TV series “Criminal Minds” will be unveiling its 11th season later this year which shall also mark the show’s 11th year as it began airing on CBS in September 2005.

While the series only started with 22 episodes during its first season, it has averaged 24 episodes after Season 3. It has never fallen below 23 episodes since 2008 and the least number of episodes was in Season 3 where it only had 20.

It could be remembered that it was in 2007 when there happened a writers’ strike in Hollywood and that was the main reason why “Criminal Minds” only had 20 episodes for Season 3.

However, reports coming out from the production of “Criminal Minds” indicate that the show will only have 22 episodes for Season 11 which is the fewest it will have in the last seven years.

Though it is not an indication that the show is going to be axed soon, but it may be part of the fallback strategy of the series so as not to highlight the expected absence of lead stars AJ Cook and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who are both on maternity leaves at this time

Cartermatt also believes that since “Criminal Minds” already has an upcoming spin-off series in “Beyond Borders” where it already lost Anna Gunn from its original cast as a result, the show already has the luxury of different interesting stories including a possible crossover or two with the spin-off series.

Although fans would have wanted a couple more episodes for “Criminal Minds” Season 11 like they got so used to, that still does not lessen their excitement on the upcoming 11th season of the series when it goes back to the big screen sometime in the third quarter of this year.

Missing a few episodes

According to reports early in June, main character Jennifer Jareau or JJ, played by actress AJ Cook, will have to be conspicuously absent on several episodes of the upcoming Season 11 of “Criminal Minds” before she comes back again for the remainder of the season.

According to Erica Messer, executive producer of “Criminal Minds,” the writers are now working on several plotlines so that they can write around Cook’s absence using the series finale of Season 10 as groundwork.

But unlike AJ Cook, Jennifer Love Hewitt will totally skip Season 11 of the TV series as she got pregnant after the Season 10 ended. AJ, on the other hand, got pregnant around the time when the show was its penultimate part so she can actually come back and join the filming on some of the latter episodes.

Maternity leave

JJ was able to announce to the team under the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) during the series finale for Season 10 that she will be going on a maternity leave.

Criminal Minds Season 10

Hewitt joined the TV series only in Season 10 as former FBI agent Kate Callahan. The actress is best remembered for her role in the horror-suspense series “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”


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