Game Developer Gives Gamers More Spaces to Navigate in New “The Sims 4” Update

After the release of life simulation video game “The Sims 4” last year, Electronic Arts (EA) has generated positive reviews and responses from fans and gamers about the game. On June 3, the game developer announced that it will be further improving “The Sims 4″ with a new and free update.

According to The Sims Blog, EA will introduce ‘The World of Newcrest’ which will allow more space for the users to navigate. It has also been previously described that “The Sims 4” was a little bit tiny for its capabilities.

‘The World of Newcrest’ will be an additional location to Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. EA also stated that users can start building Newcrest right away from scratch. The developer also acknowledged the fact that fans have been yearning of the space expansion but EA said it just did not have the heart to evict Bella Goth, Malcolm Landgraab and Bob Pancakes in the cities.

Newcrest is a clean slate location that will contain three neighborhoods, each with five empty lots. The homes can be downloaded from the Gallery so the users can put whatever they want on the canvas. They can even choose to build parks, clubs, bars, houses and pools in Newcrest.

On June 12, EA posted tips on how a user can develop the space. The developer said that it is impressed by the initial users of Newcrest because the gamers have seen unexpected logistics on the place. Some users even went above and beyond by creating full neighborhoods. To add to the users’ creative stream, gamers of “The Sims 4” even created two tutorial-inspiration videos.

One of the fan-made videos is the “Family Gem: Newcrest,” Deligracy’s neighborhood which is a contemporary, Australian-style neighborhood with two starter homes and three larger houses. Another user, Ruthless_KK’s neighborhood was also featured on The Sims Blog. In this neighborhood, there is a strong modern vibe. There are two starter homes and one, big legacy home for the Sims.

The user mentioned in her blog, Get Simply Ruthless, that the neighborhood was inspired by her own in Austin, Texas. The user also mentioned that she aimed for an affordable neighborhood. The starter homes were just about $40k while the legacy home is under $100k. All of her interior and floor plans can be downloaded in her blog.

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EA featured one last inspiration, Vixella’s neighborhood. From the slick Australian style to the modern vibe in Austin, Vixella brings her neighborhood back to that simple suburban design that would be best for families seeking a comfortable lifestyle. Vixella has an entire YouTube channel dedicated for her Sims journeys.

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