Tom Clancy’s The Division Launch Suffers from Issues, Players Forming Virtual Lines to Start the Game!

This is part of the studio’s style, something that has been a bit of a nuisance to some of their players but an interesting aspect to others. The multiplayer of “Assassin’s Creed” went through some interesting stages because of that, and we can see the same happening with “The Division” if it’s handled correctly.

The general consensus right now is that the game delivers on the promised fronts very well – especially in the graphics department – and it’s just a few patches away from perfection. Of course, this doesn’t include the elephant in the room, the issue with the servers, but that’s a different story.

Ubisoft have released some information to aid players running into connectivity issues with the game, and while their guidelines have reportedly helped some, others are still not able to play at all, or are experiencing undocumented issues.

Other issues that have been brought up include missing exclusive bonuses, such as gear that was tied to pre-purchases, but those are issues that we expect will be ironed out soon. Ubisoft know the value of those deals to their gamers and they wouldn’t undermine people’s trust in preordering their next games. But according to some, the studio has already done that quite a bit with their recent releases, so it’s not certain how fast they will address the current situation.

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