‘Frozen 2’ Rumors About Rapunzel Being a Lost Sister of Elsa are Merely Based on Fan Artworks!

There have been rumors going around since last month that the plotline of Disney’s upcoming animated film “Frozen 2” shall have a major twist and shall feature Rapunzel of “Tangled” coming out as the long lost sister of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle.

The same rumors are actually spreading on the internet like wild fire these days and ironically Disney Pictures nor co-writers and co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have yet to speak about the movie’s plotline at all as of this time.

What Buck and Lee have mentioned upon the official greenlighting of “Frozen 2” by Disney early last year is that the movie shall impart a good message to children just like its predecessor movie did when it was released in November 2013.

They also promised to make the sequel better than the original since that is the way to go which is also one of the reasons why they are taking things slow to ensure that they can come up with a good story and another great film in “Frozen 2.”

Interestingly, other than those general statements of Buck and Lee, no specifics have been mentioned thus far so it is really surprising to find plenty of possible speculations about the movie’s plotline on the internet these days.

A possible crossover?

One of the more interesting speculations making the rumor mills these days has something to do with Rapunzel being the long lost sister of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, which would make “Frozen 2” a crossover of sort between “Frozen” and “Tangled.”

The speculations went on to say that Elsa and Anna will be learning that they have another sister who also possesses her own superpowers. That sister is to be Rapunzel, details the Vine Report.

Further exploiting the rumor to the hilt, it also mentioned that Anna will also found out that she is just an adopted daughter of the deceased King and Queen of Arendelle so she will be jealous of Elsa and Rapunzel and she will turn to her dark side with the power of fire to rival that of Elsa and Rapunzel.

However, until a confirmation is made by Disney Pictures or Chris Buck or Jennifer Lee regarding this rather unorthodox storyline, everything should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

Heating things up

Anna being the villain in the current speculations seems to be patterned after a previous report that went around early this year saying that a new female villain from Arendelle will come out and make life difficult for Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

According to the report, the villain shall have powers that are opposite of Queen Elsa’s which could possibly mean that the nemesis could heat things up, perhaps using fire, notes the Christian Today.

While no details have been made officially on this supposed villain, there are also hints that it is also possible that Princess Anna will also showcase her superpower in “Frozen 2,” a notion which Jennifer Lee debunked when she said that Anna’s power in the first movie is love and that’s all there is to it.

Frozen 2

Incidentally, the rumors about Rapunzel being the long lost sister of Elsa and Anna did not come from Disney or sources privy to the pre-production of “Frozen 2.”

It appears to have come from a fan artwork that was released late in 2014 where Elsa and Anna were joined by Rapunzel in a “Frozen 2” poster or artwork.

Based on that image alone, rumors started swirling that Rapunzel will be part of “Frozen 2.” However, critics believe that it is an absurd theory and speculation since the idea seems too far-fetched.

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