‘Frozen 2’ Rumors About Rapunzel Being a Lost Sister of Elsa are Merely Based on Fan Artworks!

For one, in the movie “Tangled,” it was clear that Rapunzel has her own parents and she was separated from them and trapped in a high tower by the witch who pretended to be her mother. She also does not have a superpower except her long blonde hair. And for the other, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna clearly had their own parents on “Frozen” too so the connection between the three as being espoused by rumors appear to be products of wild but otherwise artistic imagination.

Disney has already confirmed that the sequel to the most successful animated movie of all time “Frozen” shall most likely have a 2018 playdate.

While the entertainment conglomerate has yet to announce a specific release date for “Frozen 2,” the movie lineup made public by Disney in October last year clearly showed two mystery movies showing in 2018. One of those two mystery movies could actually be “Frozen 2.”

The 2018 release date shall also be well and good for “Frozen 2” as reports have it that a “Frozen” Broadway musical will start happening next year.

This means that once the “Frozen” stage play gets going on Broadway, it shall further heighten the hype and anticipation for “Frozen 2.”

It would be an additional promotional initiative for “Frozen 2” despite the fact that Disney Pictures shall practically leave no stones unturned in the promotion of the movie considering that it is targeting to equal if not surpass “Frozen” as the most successful animated movie of all time, box office-wise.

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