‘Clash of Clans’ March Update to Improve Game’s Hero System and May Also Feature Gem Mine!

It has been previously reported as early as late last year or immediately after the Town Hall 11 update came to the freemium mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” in December that the next major update to the game will arrive this March.

Finnish game developer Supercell has yet to come out with an official announcement or statement regarding the March updates to “Clash of Clans” so most of the information swirling around the internet these days are mere speculations and fan wishful thinking.

However, the most pronounced of the rumors is that the March updates to “Clash of Clans” will definitely improve the game’s hero system.

The developer reportedly decided to improve the hero system because gamers are not happy that they are not able to use their heroes while they are in the process of being upgraded, notes the Christian Times.

According to the outlet, the Bark King and the Queen Archer are important units when negotiating attacks during wars as it gives gamers a huge advantage to a defender when an attacker has one less hero in his army.

There are also reports saying that the March updates shall also bring forth changes in Clan Wars matchmaking, which will give priority to smaller match sizes.

The same reports said that there will also be changes in defense and win records to ultimately give gamers a better “Clash of Clans” experience.

More exciting features

Because of the increasing fan base of “Clash of Clans,” Supercell needs to be very dynamic with the updates to be able to add more exciting features to do the game and keep gamer enthusiasm always high.

Gamers have been requesting that the game’s gem mine be included in the “Clash of Clan” mechanics and Supercell seems to be intent on giving the gamers what they want.

However, critics believe that it would be foolhardy for Supercell to do so since the gem mine is one of the main money-makers of the Finnish game developer in “Clash of Clans.” They would certainly not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

But fans and gamers of “Clash of Clans” should take note that unless Supercell formally makes an announcement about the March updates or its possible new inclusions, every information regarding the upcoming new content for the hugely popular mobile video game should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Other possible features of the update

There are also reports saying that the March updates of “Clash of Clans,” which is to be its biggest yet this year, will include three brand new troops that will be unlocked at Town Hall 10, notes News Everyday.

The new troops shall include a skull-like fighter called a Rocketeer and a wizard with the codename Chain Lightning. But there is no specific detail that has been released as of yet so it is not clear how these troops would work on the game.

There are also reports that suggest that the March updates to “Clash of Clans” will usher better matchmaking for gamers and present them with better matches and fights.

Losing clans in the game can also team up with another clan on a similar losing streak. Under the new system, the group with 30 wins will not be paired with a level 8 clan with more than 130 victories on the record already.

Supercell also warned gamers that the March updates to “Clash of Clans” might also bring glitches and bugs but the game developer assured gamers that they will work on fixing those issues once the update arrives very soon.

Clash of Clans

Meanwhile, Supercell debunked late last month the rumors and speculations that it was planning to shut down the game on February 29 in order to rid it of glitches, bugs, and cheats.

Because of the popularity of the mobile game, the rumors started creating panic among the avid gamers of “Clash of Clans,” worried that they might not be able to play their favorite game after February 29.

Supercell spared no time in clearing the air of animosity and tension when it said that it was not planning to close down the game anytime soon.

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