‘The Winds of Winter’ to Include a Plot Twist No One Sees Coming, Teases George R.R. Martin

“The Winds of Winter,” the sixth installment of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” fantasy novel series will apparently carry a major plot twist that will shock every reader.

According to Winter is Coming, author George R.R. Martin revealed that the highly-anticipated novel will have a plot twist which will be impossible to adapt to the HBO TV series “Game of Thrones.”

Apparently, the major twist will include a character who has already met his demise in the HBO hit TV series but is still alive in the book series.

Currently, there are about 15 characters that are still alive in the book series but are already killed off in the HBO series.

The author didn’t give further details on who this character is and how will the plot twist involving that particular character will be the book’s major shocker.

Martin has been teasing this plot twist since last year and said that readers should look forward to it.

Reports say that Jojen and Howland Reed are highly rumored to be involved in the book’s plot twist.

Youth Health Mag reports that the upcoming book will focus on Jojen Reed and his family. The website speculates that it may also reveal the story of Stannis Baratheon and Jeyne Westerling as well.

Avid readers of the book series know the strong role of Howland Reed in the book series despite not being adapted in the TV series.

Jojen Reed was a recurring character in the third and fourth season of “Game of Thrones” and was portrayed by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He was stabbed multiple times by a wight and was mercy-killed by his sister Meera.

The Reed patriarch, on the other hand, is an unseen character in the TV series but was mentioned several times during the third season. The character will reportedly appear in a Season 6 through a flashback.

Speculations say that the upcoming novel might involve the move of the Reed castle, Greywater Watch, or Jojen’s vision power.

Further fueling theories that “The Winds of Winter” will pull a Reed family plot twist was the fact that previous novels reveal that Howland witnessed Lyana Stark’s death which means that the Reeds are the ones who can verify Jon Snow’s bloodline.

Snow, played by Kit Harrington, is a very controversial character in the series right now. He died during the Season 5 finale, but it is most likely that he will be resurrected in the upcoming sixth season, which will premiere on April 24.

While there is still no official announcement when “The Winds of Winter” will finally come out, speculations say the book will be released by 2017 with some are even estimating that it will hit bookshelves by 2018.

Many were disappointed when Martin revealed that he could not publish his book in time for the TV show’s sixth season.

This led to the hit series to be the first time not to be loosely based on Martin’s books. However, showrunners reveal that some key points in “The Winds of Winter” will be incorporated in the upcoming season. The show will also carry elements from previous novels.

In a statement, the critically acclaimed author said that he knows everyone was disappointed with the news, but no one could be more disappointed than he was.

The Winds of Winter

The novelist added that he knew “The Winds of Winter” is already long overdue and that the TV series already caught up with it, but there are just many factors that led to the delay of the book from being finished.

The last installment of Martin’s hit book series, “A Dance with Dragons” was released back in 2011. Last month, Martin dropped all his editing projects for “Wild Cards,” saying that he would not be writing any teleplays, screenplays, short stories, introductions, or even foreword before delivering “The Winds of Winter.”

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