Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Shows a Lot without Saying Much, Fans more Excited Than Ever!

The newest trailer for the sixth season of “Game of Thrones” is here, and as can be expected, fans went into a frenzy once they saw the preview. There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming season of the show, and now that fans have something more substantial to discuss, they have been taking the video apart almost frame by frame to look for any clues about what’s coming up. And while the trailer was understandably cryptic about the major developments, it still managed to reveal quite a lot in various subtle ways.

It looks like Melisandre will still have a very important role in the new season’s plot, even though she will be facing some issues of her own. It looks like her ability to look into the future has suffered to some extent as she has been having troubles with her visions, but it’s not clear how much this is going to affect the overall plot. There was also a hint that we might see her in some rather interesting situations with other characters, but it’s not quite certain if that was her or someone else in the trailer.

Another point that got the attention of fans was the fact that Dany was actually alive, although she is not in a very good place herself. At least she’s free, but she’s noticeably not on a horse – something which many fans and critics saw as an important hint about her current fate. Those who have to walk on foot in her society are the lower ranks of society, so it’s implied that she has been “downgraded” in her social status.

Or, she might be going through some temporary trouble that the producers intentionally don’t want to reveal right away, but they could be planning to use it as a setup for a major comeback for the character later on. It would be entirely in the style of the people behind “Game of Thrones”, especially given the position of Dany herself in the overall storyline.

And of course, as most expected, the trailer said practically nothing useful on one of the hottest topics for many fans of the show – what will happen with Jon Snow? The character met an unknown fate at the end of the show’s last season, leaving everyone with a major cliffhanger that has been the main point of fan discussions for quite some time now.

We still don’t know what will happen to him in season 6, and even though it was practically confirmed that he’s alive and coming back, we still don’t have any official statements about this from the producers. On the other hand, those who’ve been trying to poke George R. R. Martin for hints have also come out unsuccessful. Which should not be surprising, given that the author is notorious for the secrecy around his work, as well as of course his slow working pace.

Game of Thrones season 6

One of the more surprising details of the trailer was the return of Bran, who also looks like he has undergone some transformations himself. At a glance, the character looks noticeably different, but it remains to be see if those differences will reflect on his personality as well or if it’s just a façade concealing the exact same interior. It wouldn’t be a very interesting reveal if they showed all of that in the trailer of course, so we have to wait until the season airs to see the changes.

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