Criminal Minds Season 11 Will Come Back from Its Pause with a Blast

“Criminal Minds” is currently in a short pause which will last until March 16, but it looks like the producers will more than make up for their absence from the screen once they return, looking at their plans for the upcoming episode 17. The initial preview for the episode paints a very tense, dramatic picture, and we are curious to see how the producers of the show will handle the developments that they have lined up.

The new mystery for the Behavioral Analysis Team will take them to Wichita, where they will be on the trail of a child kidnapper who has left very few clues for investigators to work with. According to the synopsis of the new episode, all the police – and our team – know is that the perpetrator kidnaps children while their parents are asleep, but that’s about the end of their knowledge of the situation.

The synopsis seems to imply that this will actually be an important clue to the team, despite being overlooked by others working on the case, and fans have been curious to see how the writers have implemented this in the plot. It wouldn’t be the most unusual case the team has had to work on anyway, at least from the initial preview, so we are sure that we’re going to see some peculiar twist in the episode that will paint things in a new light.

According to reports, we’re also going to see a lot on the Derek Morgan front in this episode, as he will keep trying to figure out who took him captive and put him through so much pain. We previously saw him captured and tortured, and he escaped in a borderline miraculous way, so it would be interesting to see how this part of the plot continues. It sounds like he’s taking this quite personally and is trying to not get anyone else involved, but of course it’s not very likely that he’ll be able to solve the entire mystery on his own.

In any case, many fans are convinced that we’re going to see the group that kidnapped him get their comeuppance sooner or later, and many seem to believe that it will actually be quite soon. The synopsis for the upcoming episode doesn’t specify if we should expect Derek to make any discoveries in his search, but it’s not out of the ordinary that we might see him facing some of his attackers.

But it’s far more likely that the writers will extend this story for some time, as it’s quite successful in generating discussions about the show and driving up the interest of fans. Many have their own theories about what happened to Derek and have been talking about them in detail online, and we wouldn’t be surprised if those discussions are always in the spotlight of the showrunners too. They would be smart to look there for ideas in general, as the show’s fans can often be quite creative in this regard.

Criminal Minds Season 11

The one thing that fans seem hopeful for right now is that the producers are not going to leave this story hanging forever, as it would be a bad way to artificially maintain interest in the show for the long run. It’s entirely possible that they could keep dropping hints without ever pulling the curtain, but hopefully they have other plans and are not going to count on cheap tricks to keep fans interested in the show.

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