Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Shows a Lot without Saying Much, Fans more Excited Than Ever!

But there was something else in the scene with Bran’s return that struck fans a lot more. He seemed to get ambushed by a White Walker, which is a strong hint that they are coming at some point in the new season.

Some fans treat this scene of the trailer with more caution however, claiming that it could very well be a flashback and not a part of the new season’s plot. Anything is possible knowing the creators of “Game of Thrones”, and the most likely outcome is that things are far from what they seem in the trailer.

In general, fans are very happy with the way the trailer was handled and presented, and there was a lot of positivity from all sides of the audience once the video hit the Internet.

There is more hype about season 6 right now than ever before, and with all of the ideas that we’ve seen brought up in fans’ discussions, we are curious to see what the producers themselves have prepared. Because as creative as fans of this show can be, their suggestions usually pale in comparison to what actually happens in most cases. The people behind this show know how to push the buttons of their fans, and they have been doing that quite successfully for five seasons already, so we expect the upcoming sixth one to be even more impressive in this regard.

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