‘The Winds of Winter’ to Include a Plot Twist No One Sees Coming, Teases George R.R. Martin

Martin earlier revealed that “The Winds of Winter” will contain a Victorian Greyjoy chapter which will begin five minutes after the end of “A Dance with Dragons.”

He also said that the book will open with two big battles fans will really enjoy reading. After “The Winds of Winter,” the last installment is expected to come out entitled “A Dream of Spring.”

Meanwhile, there are reports surfacing that the latest installment of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series will include Dothraki dialogues.

As per Parent Herald, David Peterson, a linguistics specialist, revealed on a Reddit forum that he has helped Martin translate some of the words in Dothraki for “The Winds of Winter.”

He didn’t hand out any more details after that as he said that George might get angry at him for dishing some important details in the upcoming novel.

He even joked that the author might change the words he already had translated to punish him for spilling his involvement.

Dothraki is the language used by the nomadic horse warriors to communicate. Fans of the book series are aware that this language is very different from what is used in Westeros and the Free Cities.

Peterson was hired to create the Dothraki language when he joined the “Game of Thrones” crew back in 2009.

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