‘The Winds of Winter’ Would Not Be Hitting the Book Shelves Until 2018, Latest Rumors Say!

With barely three months left in the calendar year, it is almost sure that the book would not come out anytime soon. If the publishers were planning to unveil it soon to capitalize on the Holiday shopping frenzy of book lovers, it is already too late at this point to make a promotional pitch for “The Winds of Winter“ despite being a much-anticipated book for nearly two years already.

While 2017 release date for the book seems plausible, that remains to be confirmed still. But many critics believe that the release of “The Winds of Winter” shall depend on the airing date of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 on HBO.

Over the past six seasons, “Game of Thrones” normally premieres in April and ends in June. But for Season 7, the TV series will intentionally air late, which fans speculate to be in June or July and the show could end by summer since it only has seven episodes, which means only seven weeks of airing on HBO.

There could be a discussion going on between George Martin and the showrunners of “Game of Thrones,” David Benoit and D.B. Weiss, on what is the best timing for the release of “The Winds of Winter” where it would not be spoiled by the TV series and vice versa.

But one thing that fans should be assured of is the confirmation from Martin that “The Winds of Winter” is going to be an epic novel and he is bound to deliver on his promise, the way he did with the past five books of the fantasy novel series.

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