‘The Incredibles 2’ Director Brad Bird Assures Viewers that Film Would Have the Same Feel as the First Movie But with Great Storyline!

Disney Pictures has confirmed as early as last year that there will be a “The Incredibles 2” movie that would come out in theaters on June 21, 2019, which is almost three years down the road still.

Brad Bird, who directed the first movie shown in 2004, was also confirmed to direct the sequel that would come out 15 years after the original film.

When he was asked recently for possible hints about the movie, Bird said that he is a type of person who does not like to give out spoilers because he also does not like unwrapping presents before Christmas.

But he confirmed that pre-production work for “The Incredibles 2” has already started, saying that it is actively moving and that everyone is getting excited about it.

Bird also said that he wanted to take the movie into new directions but he assured fans that “The Incredibles 2” would have the same feel as the first film. He also promised that the upcoming film shall have a great storyline because he would not agree to do a sequel if he does not see a great storyline for it.

He also explained that the trick to the sequel is to actually repeat oneself without repeating oneself, points out the Ecumenical News.

Focusing more on the character not their abilities

Bird also said that “The Incredibles 2,” just like its original film, shall focus on the characters and not their superpower abilities.

He explained that powers themselves are not that interesting in a superhero movie like “The Incredibles 2” because it is already a time-tested formula for this day and age where superhero films come almost three to four times a year.

The director said that it is the people in the film that are interesting and how they react to having those powers that they were given, reports Game & Guide.

Bird said that “The Incredibles 2” would be heavily anchored more on family relationships, which is why he is confident that the film is anchored on a great storyline.

Based on previous speculations, one of the members of the Parr family shall become the momentary villain in the movie. First, it was rumored to be Jack-Jack, the youngest member of the Parr family.

The rumors back then were saying that he will be taken in under the mentorship of the villain Syndrome to harness his shape-shifting powers and use it to do crimes, which shall go against the principles and values of their family.

Subsequently, there were rumors that came out saying that it is going to be Dash who shall turn south in “The Incredibles 2” because he is a teenager who simply shuns control.

the incredibles 2

The rumor about Dash being a villain in “The Incredibles 2” stemmed from a recent analysis of a Reddit public forum member on the character.

According to a Reddit user who uses the name Professor_Wonder, the villain in “The Incredibles 2” is going to be Dashiel ‘Dash’ Parr, who is the second child of Bob and Helen Parr, who possesses super speed.

Professor_Wonder explained that Dash was always told to rein in his superpower even during a sports competition in school.

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