‘Frozen 2’ Official Sound Track to be Sang by Rihanna or Taylor Swift and No Longer by Idina Menzel, New Speculations Say!

After the wild rumors on the possible plotline for the sequel to the most successful animated movie of all time, “Frozen,” speculations have shifted on the official sound track of the upcoming “Frozen 2.”

According to the latest rumors, Idina Menzel, who lends her voice to Queen Elsa in “Frozen,” has been replaced by Disney as the singer for the official sound track of “Frozen 2” and that the choice has boiled down to Rihanna or Taylor Swift, reports Game & Guide.

While it may sound as big news to some who are not in the know, but Disney Pictures would surely not risk figuratively letting go of Idina Menzel after she sang the legacy song of “Frozen” entitled “Let It Go” when the movie was released in November 2013. The song even went on to rule the charts at some point and became the anthem of fans, both young and old, who have watched “Frozen” in theaters.

Since Idina Menzel would continue to lend her voice to Queen Elsa in the upcoming “Frozen 2,” it would be foolish for the Disney entertainment conglomerate to bring in an A-lister music artist to sing a song for the character when both Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, who lends her voice to Princess Anna, can very well hold their own in singing for the film.

It is likely that the absurd rumors are the handiwork again of sensationalism trolls whose goal is to hype the film which is due to hit cinemas in 2018 still.

Olaf shall also get a love interest

Contrary to previous rumors that snowman Olaf will become the love interest of Queen Elsa, there are now reports saying that indeed the laughable innocent snowman would get a partner in “Frozen 2” but it is not going to be Queen Elsa.

It could be recalled that in the first movie, it was only Princess Anna who got his romance through Kristoff but reports are now rife saying that Queen Elsa shall also get her true love’s kiss in “Frozen 2,” points out the Parent Herald.

The same reports are also saying that the addition of Olaf’s lady love could be a good strategy for the movie’s merchandising thrust. For one, Olaf is easily the most adorable sidekick and seeing him finding his own love could also be made into a viable new choice for a new “Frozen 2” character.

However, since Disney has yet to confirm any of the rumored plotline or possible new characters to “Frozen 2,” everything remains as speculation at this time and all information should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

An ‘Olaf Christmas Special’

While the excitement about “Frozen 2” has never wavered one bit online since it was greenlit by Disney executives last year, fans have been longing for the real thing and it would be a couple more years down the road before they can actually see the real thing on theaters.

Apparently, it is not going to be the case. Actress Kristen Bell recently confirmed that they are now working on another “Frozen” short movie, likely to be longer than “Frozen Fever” but definitely shorter than “Frozen.”

It is going to be an “Olaf Christmas Special” which would not be made for theaters but for television. Bell said that the “Frozen” Christmas special shall be released on ABC in Christmas of next year, according to the 36-year-old actress.


As its title implies, the TV animation special shall be focusing on the cheerful snowman, Olaf and it is expected that the whole gang shall be there including Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven, the same way they showed up in “Frozen Fever.”

More importantly, it gives anxiously waiting fans of “Frozen 2” a serving of “Frozen” two years after “Frozen Fever” and one year before “Frozen 2” hits the theaters. The TV special is also expected to boost the promotion for “Frozen 2” in the process, despite the fact that the franchise needs no such expensive promotion because it can easily sell on its own.

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