‘Frozen 2’ Official Sound Track to be Sang by Rihanna or Taylor Swift and No Longer by Idina Menzel, New Speculations Say!

Incidentally, actress Idina Menzel recently attended the iHeartRadio Music Festival last month and she was quoted as saying that her dream duet is with U2’s lead vocalist Bono.

She probably made the remarks after seeing Miley Cyrus during the event having a duet with Billy Idol for the iconic rocker’s song “Rebel Yell.”

Menzel said that if there is someone she would like to do a duet or collaborate with for a song, it is going to be Bono. She said that it has all she has ever said to do as a musician. And she is still hoping that she gets a chance to sing with Bono someday.

Menzel’s iHeartRadio Music Festival attendance comes just a day after her fifth studio album was released. The self-titled album consists of 12 tracks, including “I See You,” “Small World” and “Queen of Swords.”

The 45-year-old singer-actress said that her latest album was the “most personal, introspective album” she has ever made as the past two years of her life had been a rollercoaster ride. For instance, her film “Frozen” became one of the biggest animated movies of all time, and her divorce from Taye Diggs was finalized.

Menzel is set to reprise her role as Queen Elsa in “Frozen 2” as well as the “Olaf Christmas Special” that has just been announced recently.

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