New CoverBoy Happy To Have Worked Alongside Katy Perry, Marriage Speculations of Bloom and Perry Floating Around The Internet!

Anyone who is familiar with the world of music, more precisely the world of pop music does know the name Katy Perry very clearly. The Roar singer has been in the news lately for her single “Rise” and several other ventures of her, including featuring in the cover of Covergirl.

And this is probably the first time in the history that a boy has been featured in the cover of Covergirl. 17-year old make-up artist James Charles created a history for being the first make face on Covergirl alongside the pop sensation Katy Perry.

When contacted with James about his experience throughout the entire venture, he seemed all jumpy and excited about how the entire thing worked out. He further added the pleasure and excitement of working along with Katy Perry who happens to be one of his faves.

And it looks like it’s not just James who was borderline excited about the photo shoot but Katy Perry was nothing less. In her recent Instagram posts, Katy posted a picture of the photo shoot for Covergirl along with James and gave him a shout out. We definitely wish for collaboration between the two of them, after all we definitely want to see James groom Katy up with his make-up skills.

The 31-year old popstar was spotted attending a Sia concert in Los Angeles and it definitely looked like she was enjoying it all. The Teenage Dream singer spent her weekend at the Hollywood Bowl along with her sister.

The popstar was nothing but a proper fan while she danced along to Sia’s tunes. Perry even took to instagram to film herself eating a hot-dog during the show. A part of the video even showed Perry wearing a face-concealing blonde and black wig like Sia.

While she joked saying that it’s been her all along behind the wig, it definitely looks like a healthy banter and nothing serious. Katy Perry has always been talked about the “funny” one and this video of her eating a hot-dog while wearing a Sia wig was nothing different.

Keeping aside everything, it looks like wedding bells might be ringing for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom after their eight long months of togetherness. There have been a lot of speculations going around and we definitely cannot wait anymore for Katy to flaunt a dazzling stone on her ring finger.

Several sources close to the couple have said that they are very much in love and are happy at the moment with how everything has turned out. They further added that Orlando is planning on getting engaged to Katy before this year ends. Well, looks like we got to watch out for the big news.

The couple who met during the 73rd Golden Globes after party and were seen to leave the venue together fuelled a lot of rumours about their possible relationship. Since then their relationship has just escalated to being better with beautiful getaways and holidays.

Even after eight months of being together, the spark has only ignited more and never slowed down. Thus everyone is speculating a possible marriage soon and well, it would definitely leave the internet shaken.

katy perry

Sources claim that Orlando has never been this serious about someone since his divorce with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Bloom definitely wants to settle down for good with Katy and extend his family because he definitely wants more kids.

Sources close to Perry have commented on the marriage rumors saying that the popstar is not going to jump into conclusions and make any hasty decisions. They further added that everything will definitely turn out goof with time and their wishes.

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