‘The Incredibles 2’ Director Brad Bird Assures Viewers that Film Would Have the Same Feel as the First Movie But with Great Storyline!

A fun process

Meanwhile, Bird recently shared that the script for “The Incredibles 2” has already been started.

He said that the writing team is pretty much having fun with the process of coming up with a story for “The Incredibles 2.”

Bird added that he has the story arc. But he is probably only three-quarters through the script. Nonetheless, he assured fans that they are already boarding parts of the script.

It is likely that the show’s production would begin by next year although Director Brad Bird has not said anything about it officially as to its filming dates and locations.

He recently came out to say that the animation work for the “The Incredibles 2” is now underway and will keep going as the script writing winds up soon.

This development means that the sequel to the 2004 hit animation is on course to meeting its June 21, 2019 global playdate on worldwide theaters with more than enough time for marketing and promoting the Disney-Pixar movie.

He reiterated his previous statement that the focus of “The Incredibles 2” will be on its characters – the Parr family.

He said that “The Incredibles 2” would not be affected by the popularity of current films that are centered around superheroes, which have become a fad in movies these days, considering that they are regarded the most profitable genre films today.

The director said that he wants the movie’s feel and characters to be the same but the plotline needs some new directions. He, however, did not reveal or confirm the rumored five-year time jump between the plotlines of the first and the upcoming second movie.

He did not confirm nor deny all the rumored plotlines that have been going around since Disney announced the movie early last year.

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