‘The Winds of Winter’ Author George R.R. Martin Admits He is a Slow Writer; Says He is now Under Pressure to Finish the Sixth Book!

This means that the book needs to come out in March 2016 at the latest. Martin has to finish writing the book by November or December at the latest because it would take at least two more months to put it on publication and mass production.

If Martin will write until the end of the year to complete “The Winds of Winter,” then immediately thereafter, he should start writing the seventh book titled “A Dream of Spring,” because it would just leave him with less than a year to finish it too.

Those who know the author, one year is too short a time frame Martin to finish writing one of his books although, with his experience, it is very possible.

Many fans of the book and the fantasy novel series have actually been second-guessing the author with his pronouncements on social media, looking for possible hints and trying to read between the lines.

Martin has been saying a few months ago that he skipped attending two major conferences just to finish writing the book.

There were rumors also claiming that a copy of the book has already been given to Director Jonathan Bender of “Game of Thrones” but after a few cover-ups and clarifications, it was later said that the director mistook the series manuscript for the copy of “The Winds of Winter.”

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  1. Obviously any prequel made would be about King Robert’s Rebellion. It would make an awesome movie, but it would need to be long to do it justice.

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