‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale to Feature a Major Character’s Death; Kai Makes a Splashing Return in Episode 13!

He can still perform magic, but only when he siphons himself so he needs to find a way to stay in the land of the living. He strikes a deal with Damon to help him in exchange for Elena’s return.

When Damon mentions about the sirens, Kai gets the idea that he needs to kill one to redeem himself. When Damon further mentions Cade, Kai sets his plan in motion.

Bonnie finds out that Kai is back and heads to Cade for answers. Cade teaches her to locate Enzo and she is transported to her and Enzo’s time in the Cabin.

Enzo warns her to stay away from Cade as he is only using her to claim his soul for hell. Cade explains that when Enzo died, Bonnie’s scream created an entire world, a private world linked only to her.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Kai leads Damon to Elena but his evil nature takes over and he siphons all of Damon’s energy and then uses that to disappear and take Elena with him.

The CW supernatural series is down to its final three episodes before it closes out on March 10. The upcoming fourth season of “The Originals” will be taking over its timeslot starting March 17.

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