‘The Following’ Was Not Renewed for Season 4 Because Fox Has Too Many Shows in its Spring Lineup!

Fox decided against renewing the American thriller drama TV series “The Following” for Season 4 after the show’s Season 3 finale was aired on May 18.

The network said that it was because of poor ratings and less-than-satisfactory viewership and fan support that made its decision easier to cancel “The Following” for good.

Reports have it that Fox actually has too many shows to choose from for its spring lineup to replace “The Following” so the decision was quite easy to make and announce its formal cancellation, notes Deadline.

Typical with TV series that have been cancelled, producers Warner Bros Television, made two different recourse to try to salvage the show. The first is to look for other network or streaming service to rescue the show from cancellation. And the other is to initiate a signature campaign among viewers to make Fox realize that it has made a wrong decision of cancelling “The Following.”

As the show is now officially cancelled based on the scorecard of TV shows for the 2014-15 season as reported by Metacritic, it clearly appears that Warner Bros Television has failed in both endeavors, which is the reason why the Kevin Bacon-starrer TV series remains cancelled to this day.

It was streaming service Hulu that turned down “The Following” when it was offered by Warner Bros Television. Subsequently, Netflix was also cold to the idea when it was brought to its attention.

But weeks before the decision of Netflix not to accept the offer to save “The Following” from cancellation, rumors actually abound on the internet that Warner Bros Television and the streaming service are close to forging a deal, driving avid fans of the show crazy and very happy. However, it proved later that it was just mere speculations and more like a wishful thinking on the part of the fans of the show.

A heartbreaking petition

However, some of the avid fans of the show were simply not convinced that “The Following” had to go and will not go down without a fight.

That’s when they decided to initiate an online petition among the loyal viewers of the show and make their signature campaign a tool for the show producers to either convince Fox to reconsider its decision of cancelling “The Following” or use it as a marketing tool to have another network or a streaming service pick up the show and rescue it from cancellation.

Unfortunately, the online petition lost steam even before it hit the targeted 25,000 fan signatures so that the producers of “The Following” will have something to show to Fox, the other networks, or the streaming services, as regards the marketability potentials of the TV series.

A hoax of a report

Sometime in July, there were reports that Netflix has signified interest to pick up “The Following” for Season 4 and rescue it from cancellation but it turned out to be a hoax, much to the chagrin of the fans of the TV series.

It was actually actor Shawn Ashmore, who plays the role of FBI Agent Mike Weston in the TV series, who clarified that Netflix has not saved the show from cancellation.

the following scene

Subsequently, reports started coming out that the show was also offered to the Hulu streaming service but the company did not budge.

“The Following” is actually an intense, emotionally-charged and violent TV series, which has a captivating storyline especially with the witty and thought-provoking exchanges of FBI Agent Ryan Hardy, played by veteran Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon, and serial killer Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy.

Fox decided to cancel the show after three seasons because of declining ratings and it seems that the aborted online petition also indicated the same pattern for the airing of the show. When the online petition was started in July, it came out very strong. However, after a few days, it has lost steam and managed to churn out 13,000 signatures from the very conservative target of 25,000, notes Yibada.

Having seen for themselves how the online petition came out, the producers were already certain that there will be no more following after Season 3 of “The Following.”

As far as the fan petition is concerned, it seems that contrary to what supporters of “The Following” were saying that they have the numbers in pushing for the renewal of the TV show, the initiative indicate otherwise.

Accordingly, as of mid-July, the target fan signatures of 25,000 that the producers wanted to show to Fox has only reached 13,000 or a little over 50% of the goal, indicating that the fans were already lukewarm to the renewal of the show for Season 4.

The cancellation of the show certainly caught Warner Bros Television by surprise because it would not have agreed with a hanging finale as carried out by the show creator had it known that Season 3 would be its last.

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  1. That’s bulls**t. Sorry for the language but I love the following. I don’t have cable I only have the Internet. Where I can only watch shows on netflix, etc. I’m upset with the way season 3 ended and the fact that their will not be a season 4. Fox or anyone else can’t go based off their ratings because some people can’t afford cable like me. It’s an amazing TV Series. I watched season 3 in 2 days. That’s 15 episodes in 2 days. I know that not one person is going great to make a difference but I hope I can help. I think it’s bullshit that TV networks make that decision to cancel a show because of the ratings. Think of the poor people that can only lyrics afford so much a month. I have kids to think of and they are happy with what I have for them. Also Netflix would get better if they didn’t wait so long to put new shit on their thing. I’m so sorry for my language but after watch the following and looking it up to see where. Season 4 was going to air and found out that it has been cancelled for good. It made me mad. Needless to say if I ever get cable I will never watch fox. I don’t care if they are playing a good show or movie. They need to air the following. Or you guys try to have it aired online somewhere where people that are poor that can watch it. If you would like to talk to me just email me I know a lot of places that people will watch your show. Thank you and once again I’m sorry for my bad language.

    1. This show gives new meaning to the world is full of stupid people. Hated every character by the end of the first episode. Glad its over. Kevin Bacon can do so much better.

      1. Thank you for your note of sanity, Brian. There has to be more satisfying and higher quality material on the Cartoon Network. By the end of the First Season, I was waiting for Mother Teresa and two of her nuns to pop out of an ambulance, pulling Uzis from under their veils and just shooting the entire cast. That would have been a satisfactory ending for the entire series,, especially if they could have included the writers of this garbage in their mercy killing. Kevin Bacon certainly has done better — even in his Animal House debut. Awful, start to finish.

      2. Piss off moron troll. This was the signle best crime drama tv series of the past decade.

        go back to your actual trash like godawful fantasy dreck such as beyond terrible Game of Incest.

    2. Love the show and just finished all three seasons. So disappointed there will not be a season 4. I too only have Netflix and that is where I watch T.V.

    3. I also cannot afford cable, and many of my acquaintances are dropping television, due to soaring prices. I imagine there are more and more like me who get our entertainment from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming services. I hope studios that produce TV shows (and movies) will listen to their subscribers and bring back terrific shows like The Following.

  2. This is a true disappointment. It’s a shame…. for the first time in a long time they have a good storyline and they toss it aside for shit shows. Unbelievable!!!

  3. OMG…Are you serious no more season 4. I just done season 3 last night and only took me one day. I don’t think all people rate all the movie after they watch ,like me I never give star to any movie I don’t know will be effect to the next season. Pleaseeeeeeeee have season 4 for the following. I don’t want to end like this.

  4. This is why I’m getting rid of Netflix, anything that is ever decent to watch gets cancelled with the tv series. Really aggravating leaving you with the cliff hangers.

  5. Netflix please please please authorize season 4 I am begging I luv this show I got all my friends to watch you can’t give up on the following its so amazing I am beyond mad about the news someone needs to save the show if not Netflix anyone pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee????????????

  6. I don’t understand how a failed petition or poor ratings can prove anything when the facebook page has over one million followers. Obviously people like the show just fine.

  7. The following is one of the more better shows on television. They left us with a ciff hanger so disappointed. Netflix please pick this show up it would be a sin for it not to return for a 4th season. P.s. love Kevin Bacon.

  8. The following is a great show!!! And as for you networks, the old ways of Hollywood show decision making is obsolete! As someone already stated, not everybody can afford cable!!! Plus who wants to be interrupted by bullshit commercials in the middle of a great show?!! So Netflix!!! Hulu!!! Up your game dumb fucks and pick this show up! Cause as for your movie database selection(?) y’all suck! All you have going for you are good shows! Now pick this one up!!!

  9. Please make season 4, I just watched season 3 in 2 days, and now you’re going to leave us hanging? That is Crap. Come on Netflix, do what you know you need to do, The Following is a great show.

  10. The worst thing about finding out your show’s been canceled is regretting you ever started watching it. Never thought I’ll feel this way again after The Tomorrow People. Damn I even run a fan Whatsapp group on The following. Total TurnOff. is there any hope at all for a pickup?

  11. I’m only here because I just finished season 3, to find out when season 4 was airing. Total bummer as I really wanted to see how 4 was going play out with the way season 3 ended. =/

  12. I’m sooo very disappointed. I really love this show. Great actors/acting! Please bring it back. You left us hanging with Ryan after the really bad guy and Ryan expecting a baby. I really really love this show!! ? Grab it someone!!! It can be successful!!!

  13. Just finished the whole three seasons in two days And when it came to the end ? I too was shocked to see it has been cancelled.. Very sorry to hear this one of the more fascinating series I’ve watched in a long time Please rethink your position and Bring it back ?Will make many fans quite happy

    1. You watched 34 hours of tv in a 48 hour period? Thats pretty intense. I guess its not impossible but im sure that you must have had one numb butt after that binge.

  14. Just finished season 3….and now I am left with nothing. So, someone please do something…..I need Season 4!!!!!!!


  16. Let’s see if l get this straight , they bring back Agent Carter , keep Supergirl on the air , but an actual well written , well acted show is cancelled , where are these Guy’s heads? , the plots and sub-plots of The Following were simply mind blowing
    I think WB needs to give their head a damn good shake!!

  17. Very disappointed in the canx of The Following. Especially after a cliffhanger ending. This should not happen. I too, cannot afford the shark cable channels so watch a lot of series on Netflix. Now I’m unsure what I will do. Greed is ruining this business. And the world. Just do the right thing Netflix. There are so many crap shows out there that can be canx.

  18. I just started watching it tonight….and just can’t stop…the storyline is awesome. The character development and the acting is fantastic. I am really disappointed that there will not be another season. I think Fox needs to do better advertisement on their shows to show viewers how fantastic it is, I never ever heard of it before Netflix and Cravetv a real shame to lose such an intense show.

  19. I am a Netflix fan, we have to have 2 Netflix accounts because we all want to watch our own shows. I had never heard of The Following, but started watching it last week and finished the 3 seasons. Hoping for season 4. I just don’t think they had enough coverage for the show. After watching the first episode on Netflix I was hooked.

  20. I devoured it on Netflix too… loved it! When it bounced back to season one, I was frantic to find Season 4, then jumped to Google to see what the heck was going on! I can’t believe it! Cancelled??? I don’t understand how they leave everyone just “Hanging”! Major Cliff Hangers kill me…. At the very LEAST, when don’t they pull togeter a final long grand finale to wrap it all up?!?!?!?! Seriously~

  21. Make it happen! We need a Season 4 to tie up all the loose ends. This show has a cult following…at least you could have ended it.

  22. Big mistake cancelling ‘The Following’. This series was extremely well done and well liked. I will miss it.

  23. I personally love the show. I had cable. I recently canceled my cable there months ago and NEVER heard any marketing of this show. How do you expect people to watch it if you don’t market it? I mean Empire was everywhere but never did I hear anything about The Following. They basically set this show up for failure.

  24. I watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks; Great show, intense, good acting, characters and story line. Couldn’t believe after that Season 3 ending, there wouldn’t be a 4th. There are way too many bad reality TV shows. Very disappointed!

  25. I am so ooh disappointed to hear that season 4 has been cancelled. Finally a great story line plot twists and wonderful acting and it gets cancelked… I just don’t understand it. It blows my mind that we are bombarded with such reality shows as all these housewives from everywhere but can’t get another season of the following to answer all these unanswered questions. I have gotten so many of my friends and coworkers to watch and enjoy this series and we are left with nothing. I really hope that some station or net flix will rethink their decision. I know this is a successful series. I have not talked with anyone that has not loved it. It is such a disservice to all the viewers, sponsorso and actors and the writers. Please bring it back…..

  26. I love this show and watched as fast as I could! Very disappointed of the news of cancellation of this program! Kevin Bacon and all of the characters will be missed! One of the best shows I have watched! Bring it back! I am a devoted fan!

  27. I am saddened that money could drive someone to cancel a show that has truly captivated it’s viewers. Not all of us are as privileged as others. Some of us cannot afford cable. I believe Netflix should bring this epic thriller back to life. I pay monthly to watch the shows I love, The Following being among my top 5. If you’re gonna make a show and take it all the way to 3rd season, why not just finish it? This is why FOX doesn’t make money. They cancel everything they invested money into. Few shows are as good as this one and I feel as though someone should definitely pick it up and let if finish. There are thousands, possibly millions even who have watched this show and loved it. And the few of us that commented here are proof that this needs to be given a chance.

  28. With all the rubbish/lack luster series they have been showing on television it’s no wonder they have to be going to the grave yard to dig up marvel comics to make movies. The creative in Hollywood has gone to the dog, with that said I cam across the following 2 nights ago…and I was unable to put down my tablet. It was captivating and for the first time in a long time I saw some creative juices flowing again, to my disappointment that there will be no 4th season. I have basic cable so I watch series online. Maybe the company who was focused on television rating should get with technology and incorporate online in their research.

  29. I just finished the 3rd season 5 minutes ago, I looked to see when the next season would be out and im PISSED! Seems like another petition is in order? One that actually gets the attention of fans regardless of how they watched the show, Netflix, Hulu, actual TV, WHATEVER.
    I totally agree ratings don’t count anymore. I only watch shows on Netflix and Amazon prime, who pays for cable anymore? It’s a total RIPOFF!
    Netflix, you were already pissing me off before this- pick up the show or loose a customer.

  30. i never heard of the show until this year 2016..i loved it..so does many daughter and husband and many other daughter and her financee..we would love a season 4

  31. Wtf bring the following back! Those idiots at the network couldn’t tell a good show from their assholes! Complete bullshit! So many shit shows and crappy acting and they cancel the vest show I’ve seen in years. Bullshit.

  32. I am so angry that this show wasn’t fought for enough to bring back, this is my favorite show. I watch all of season 2 & 3 in one weekend and I just found out that there’s not a season 4 and now I’m just sad. This show had such a good story line and it was so creative and there are so many other shows that do not even compare so I’m really pissed that it was cancelled for such a stupid reason, bring the following back!!!

  33. The Following was brought to my attention by a friend and I had never seen it. Not everyone uses the Internet on a regular basis. The Following is the best show I’ve seen in years. How can people vote if they don’t know there is something to vote on. Believe it or not but baby boomers are alive and well and willing to have a say if someone would ask us in not so technical way. I love the show!

  34. RIP The Following. What a brilliant show. What a shame. Of all the utter horseshit TV shows out there they cancel one of THE best. Someone please bring this show back so we can get some closure. Kevin Bacon for life

  35. Their must be some Network out there that will pick up and save The following Season 4

    Great show

    fans would follow season 4 with a passion

    very dissapointing

  36. Im completely livid. I just finished episode 3 and immediately goggle search to see if there were any leaks on a season 4 release and that’s when I found this awful news.

    I’m so upset over this. I was super exicited that Ryan did what he did on episode 15. I feel that he would of been the next main guy to go after someone else. It was an amazing thriller. I way this episode carried out was breath taking, however fox and their decisions has no considerion to the fans who liked it. It’s just a numbers game. the show would of Been awesome. I still have hope for a season 4 to come out, please do

  37. I finished the show about a month ago and still get sad sometimes when I realize I can’t watch any new episodes, I also still have hope that one day it will come back because a show this good shouldn’t be cut off so short like that. Some make it to 10-11 seasons and I thought that this would be one of them and I was really excited. I just can’t get over this bullshit

  38. Bring the show back !!!! It is much more better than many other shows that have even 8 n more seasons. is really stupid not to have more seasons. I was looking frw to season 4, but disappointed. Just cannot understand why they are based on some stupid criteria if there is other season or not….
    Bring it back !!!!

  39. Yall can kill off Bacon if hes getting too old for ya but keep Purefoy. Big mistake to not use him in season 3 evidence in the ratings.

  40. Reawlly !! Netflix or fox need make season 4 the following !!! Big misread you not make season 4 for real !!!

  41. WHUUUT THUH FUUUUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ENTERTAINMENT EXECS????!!!?? Most definite with Connie, and other fans on this one!…CONTINUE THE FOLLOWING!!! FAR TOO MANY TALENTLESS NOBODY REALITY TV SHOWS SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS DAILY!!!..making illiterates RICH & FAMOUS!!! Yet, you FUMBLE in continuing a series show with meaty substanance, rich in quality acting, MOST IMPORTANT STORYLINE & PLOTS. *sigh!*…Why am I not surprised!!! Fox like it’s reporters are SHIT 4 BRAIN’S!!! AND I’M NOT SORRY 4 THE GITDAMNED LANGUAGE!!! BRING ON SEASON 4 OF THE FOLLOWING!!! REDEEM YOURSELVES QUICKLY OR GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP!!!!

  42. This was a great show. I logged on here to find out when season 4 would be available on Netflix..can’t believe it’s canceled.

  43. why would such a show be canceled . So much love the series and if there’s anything I could do to make the series continue, I bet I will

  44. Looking to see when the show was returning, just to find out it’s been cancelled…….SERIOUSLY GUYS!!!!! You couldn’t get rid of any other show. Get it back PLEASE!!!!!!

  45. They air dumb shows all the time they get a good series and screw it up fox really sucks I’m done with fox

  46. Netflix needs to pick up the following to boost their ratings also and to lower fox ratings cause fox don’t have 1 show that I will watch now come on Netflix get the cast back for another 6 or so seasons bring on the following


    This is not FAIR!!!!!!!!
    WE ARE HOOKED‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

  48. I can’t believe they are going to cancel Season four, it’s amazing and probably one of the best shows ever aired.

  49. I have finished season 3 and just discovered there will be no season 4. How sad. I have pushed so many people to watch this great show. Now we are all left with a cliff hanger. Really?? This is so ridiculous. Not bringing it back will make people not want to start any new series until it has wrapped so they are certain to get a finale. A smart station needs to pick up this show. It has so many avid followers even if some have come late to the party. We love it! Bring it back!! PLEASE!!!!

  50. I looked foward to watching the following every week, my favorite show ever. Why does Fox cancel every show I like don’t get it. Fox has made a BIG mistake this time what a shame. Bring it back.?

  51. They should bring back this program and at least give it a proper ending. I am so tired of networks not renewing programs especially after they have aired for several seasons. They depend on viewers to keep a program going but when the decision is made to cancel they just do it without the viewers in mind. I am seriously considering not watching season programs any longer until I know they have made the list for renewal and if canceled, given an ending. This was a great show and held my interest. Shame on all that had to do with its demise. Bring back season 4 or even 3 1/2, PLEASE!!!!

  52. Wow. I just finished season 3 on Netflix.. WTF we need a season 4. You can’t just end a season like that. That’s total bull. I’m really disappointed

  53. You just can’t leave us hanging wondering how it all ends!!! That’s messed up! I’ve patiently been waiting for season 4!! Was actually gonna restart the series. Pull your heads out of your asses and let’s get this started!

  54. To whom this may concern, all I can say is that the ratetings for the show ‘the following’ are not a true representation of the actual rateings because I don’t think they take into consideration the amount of people who watch online, for me, I think the show is a fantastic bit of television and is in need of a season 4…….!!

  55. Just nearing the end of season 3 of this amazing show on netflix.When I looked to see when season 4 would air,I was shocked to learn there wasn’t one.:/I believe it’s one of the best program series I’ve ever watched.Like a good book is hard to put down,this show is impossible to stop watching.It’s sad that execs and networks decided against giving all us “Following” fans, a season 4…Can a new petition be made available(?)I just got netflix,so I of course(like many others),just discovered the gripping series.I’m a critical person of bad story lines&acting,in TV&Film.”The Following,” had both an excellent&gripping story line and acting that was nothing short of superb/excellent.Had I watched the series prior to the petition,my signature would have been on it.I have to believe that peeps who’ve just discovered “The Following”(and watched all 3 seasons),would be signing a petition for a season 4(+),for sure!! ATTN:NETWORKS&EXECS: “PLEASE,”BRING US MANY “FOLLOWERS” OF “THE FOLLOWING,”A 4th(+) SEASON….”PLEASE,” BEGIN ANOTHER PETITION AND ALLOW ACTIVE SIGNING UNTIL END SUMMER,2016…I’m certain as more people discover(and follow the incredible series),signatures will tally far greater/higher than 50%,by this Summer’s end! ;)

  56. This is crazy! Like for real I love this show I can’t stop watching and for them to stop making is so stupid. We should really get this goimg again.

  57. I really wish they’d someday bring back this show for at least a season 4 even if it was truly the last one but it NEEDS closure to the series! I only have Netflix myself and that’s how I found this amazing show. Those dumb fucks at FOX doesn’t know the meaning of a good show if it bit them in the ass. If it were to be brought back i wouldn’t complain if it replaced some of their cheap animation crap they have lined up for 2 hours. Shows like family guy and American dad is not even good anymore as they had gone downhill just like every other piece of shit I’ve seen on FOX that has the potential to be good but fails unlike the following

  58. it has become a pattern…any show, on any outlet, that starts casting the rich and powerful in a negative role gets canned.


  60. Was so upset to learn The Following was cancelled! WHAT??? Its my FAVORITE show! With all the criminal shows on T.V. this was by far the BEST! Suspenseful drama, true cliff hanger and great story line. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!! Drop some of the other crap shows and PLEASE continue the Following! I so looked forward to watcing it everyweek! Extremely disappointed!

  61. Thats very bad choice . I loved that Following . I really hope they can bring it back the season 4 or if they put it available for sale.

  62. This is some bulls**t how the f**k can they cancel the show after ryan lived after falling off the bridge y’all need to get y’all shit together and put the Goodman show baxk for a season 4

  63. So, cancelling this fantastic serie to replace it with another kiddie show? I know company’s like fox are addicted to money (which is pretty pathetic, but hey, everyone chooses their own path), but common…is quality really so hard to maintain?

  64. This is so shit!!! You can’t not do a season 4 especially after leaving season 3 wide open. Bring on season 4!!! WE WANT SEASON 4!!!

  65. please bring back the show at least to end it like its supposed to end it feels like an open wound for me … at least a couple of episodes …you know to put all things together …i think the show is one of the best shows ever and the third season was absolutely fantastic …so please think seriously about what we are all asking for

  66. please bring the show back …what is happening lately on TV is weird …a lot of bad shows continue for a lot of years and the good ones end very very soon …bring back the show

  67. I wanted to say the I watched all three seasons straight in just over a week..Typical friggin TV Cable Empires make millions but screw fans put of really epic shows…I don’t know about anyone else here but Kevin Bacon is a Fantastic Actor..this was an Flippin awesome tv series much like The Killing was on Netflix..wish that came back too..come on cable network monopolies…pull your heads out of your asses and renew this Show!! Some of us cant afford cable..Netflix is all I have..come on..numbers don’t always speak truths about what fans really like. This show needs to come back! PERIOD!!

  68. I just finished season 3 and found out no season 4 . I’m so disappointed it was a great show. So much suspense kept me on the edge of my seat

  69. Noooo! Such a shame! Great show,great actors and geat storyline! One of the best tv shows ever! Bring it back! Netflix can do it make it a netflix orriginal or something. Really stupid to cancel this great show!

  70. Here in Holland a lot of people are disappointed. It is a serie who keeps building up tension, so therefore I am pretty confident it will continue. And Ryan Hardy deserves to be happy for one season ;-)

  71. I’m very upset and disappointed they aren’t making a season 4!!!!! This was my favorite tv show… RENEW season 4!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  72. Bring it back for season 4. Just ended watching it on Netflix. You cant stop such a great show like that!!! Fox sucks!

  73. I can’t believe it… You get a good series to watch and they quit filming. That sucks! I’m very disappointed. I loved it so much.. Now we will never get to find out what happens. Who does this? It’s terrible!!!!!!!!

  74. Another gripping series that deserves an ending even if it were just a feature lengthed finale!!!
    It’s not fair on those that have watched the first 3 series to leave it unfinished…

  75. Fox are you people crazy?TheFollowing us a great show. the actors are second to none. Fox you lose my support. a bunch of dumb —–‘

  76. Wow…smh worst news ive heard in a long while…this show actually made me happy after being depressed… Kevin Bacon (Ryan) (Mik) Shawn Ashmon, (Joe) James Purefoy are my favorite actors…..this is fuckery!!!!!

  77. It is really disappointing that Season 3 ended so abruptly. Fox should sell the show to another channel for it to be continued. Me for sure, I will NOT watch any more FOX. This sucks big time !!

  78. Netflix is part of the problem. The service refuses to allow networks to see the ratings and viewership for the shows. Those numbers would significantly increase the ratings and help save many shows.

    I enjoyed this show very much. I wish it wasn’t already over. Constantine is another which was ended too soon. Each episode was better than the previous episode. I finally quit subscribing to Netflix and only watch shows on Jetflicks or Hulu.

    The only time I will subscribe to Netflix is when a new season is available for the shows Stranger Things and The Last Kingdom. I will pay for a one month subscription and then watch the new seasons before stopping my subscription.

    Kevin Bacon was wonderful in The Following and James Purefoy terrified me as Joe. I would have signed the petition had I known about it sooner.

  79. I vote yes to season 4. This show was/is too good to be cancelled. & I’m sure there’s more than 25’000 fans watching this show out there daily. Bring the show back. Please.

  80. The would have room for amazing shows like the following if they got away from reality tv shows. Please bring it back. It looks like most of its fans don’t have cable please Netflix someone help

  81. I for one do not watch many shows. Nothe even the so called reality TV. They’re garbage. When the following came up I was very intrigued. Couldn’t wait for the next show. I had no clue they stopped making another season. Because I don’t watch many shows or channels. Because there’s not a thing on that’s interesting. Shows like this is at least keeps you on the edge and real feeling. Sad you traded in for suck ass fake reality.

  82. We need more of this seriously, I have never went online to bitch about a show being cancelled. Come on try a little more advertising. I had to hear by word of mouth. Then watched all 3 seasons and told others to do the same. EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!!

  83. Why would they cancel that show!? I really like it! They need to bring it back! That was the best show they had! Idiots

  84. Please air season 4! At least let it end on its own rather than leave a hanging cliffhanger! It really is a great show!

  85. No offense to Americans here seeing as I’m from UK, but fu** me sideways, it’s a sad thing to see that “new shows” get the go ahead over The Following. I guarantee!!!!!! That only 30℅ of these new shows will only be good while FOX pumps out all the bullshit shows that only fat no job Americans tune in to watch that gives shit shows the viewing counts. I even would pay FOX to make season 4 (believe me I am rich enough) but seeing as FOX are greedy for money and NOT for the fans I would not give them 1 cent. Watch this space as Season 4 maybe shown on a different channel “wink wink”

  86. I’m blown away about canceling this show. Im in the middle of watching it again for the 3rd time and I still love it. Screw you fox for canceling such a great TV show.

  87. seriously???????? no season 4?????? I love this show. My husband and I were waiting for it all year long! not fair! you worked on a great story and let the fans waiting for more and then… surprise! there is no more! How disappointing from FOX to cancel such a great show. Please, bring it back, I am sure there are lots of fans out there waiting for the next season.

  88. Shattered to here that this show has been shafted Ryan hardy is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever seen and I am convinced we were going to see the darkest side of him yet. This show has sooooo much more to give and it is yet to reach its full potential because it can be so much more and I and everyone else who has commented here believes it also bring back Ryan hardy, bring back mike and max and let’s see this out till the very end. Love from Australia


  89. This really upsets me that there will not be a season 4. I watched all three seasons in a week and I am so pissed that just because of the rating you decide to cancel the four season and leave everyone else who loves it hanging. That is bullshit. If people don’t like the show. DONT FUCKING WATCH IT. It is a great show. Now one of my favorites and I am so upset that season four is not airing.

  90. Love, love this show. So sad that it will not continue. One reason I hate watching series. Would love to see it come back.

  91. Omg I just watched all 3 seasons can’t believe there will not be a season 4 why would you end a show like that that if you weren’t going to continue the series???

  92. Seriously was looking forward to season 4! They should open the petition again and post it on this site.

  93. some of us were just late to the party. I have been binge watching and am now disappointed to not know how it ends. #bringbackthefollowing

  94. The Following was the most exciting thrilling from the beginning till the end and the best show ever … What a mistake to cancel this show.

  95. People still talking about it to this very day. If I had millions of dollars I would pay Netflix to make season 4 (let’s be honest, netflix originals are fing awesome,all the time. Such a good show, and for all the “hey it’s another cable cop show” shows. This one is the best one and original of its kind.

  96. This is a mistake…

    The following is absolutely the best thrilling show past few years.. people love it.

  97. The following is a fantastic show, have just finished watching all 3 seasons for the second time, please make a season 4. Listen to what the people want.

  98. Please please bring the following back. I got cable just to watch following and its very rude and stupid to stop a show that will any company that broadcasts it money. We’ve got our 25,000 signatures and we deserve our show. I will personally boycott fox and fox news until our demands are met. We deserve the show and I’ve personally donated money to a petition service. If me and other people are willing to pay out of pocket for the following to be renewed then how come you can’t produce a season 4 . You guys are gonna make a profit off the show and we get to finish what we started. Thank you to all supporting the boycott and have a nice day..

  99. I understand that many people are disappointed that The Folowing was cancelled. I thought thee show was OK but never delivered on the promise of the first couple of episodes. Unfortunately, in a world where Twin Peakes can’t even get 1M network viewers, it’s understandable when networks won’t take risks. It’s easy to see why even someone like Netflix (who take more risks than most) don’t pick it up. Of course it’s disappointing but it’s happened before. Firefly, Deadwood, Hannibal etc. Life goes one. There will always be aother show to take over…eventually!

  100. Please bring season 4 on Netflix I love the following and it left off at a really juicy part the end of season 3

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