Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Latest Teaser Shows Lex Luthor Talking about the History of LexCorp!

Six months before its release, Warner Brothers is hyping up one of the most anticipated superhero movies for next year, “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

As part of their promotion for the film, the studio has released a three-minute interview with Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year, none other than CEO of LexCorp, Lex Luthor Jr. himself. The marketing pitch to promote “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” gives fans more reasons to pray that March 25, 2016 come sooner.

Fortune has decided to run a profile piece on Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, and his story of success for LexCorp. An unnamed journalist asks the billionaire a few questions as they wait in line the LexCorp vegan truck.

The business tycoon now joins reputable names like Warren Buffet, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bezos in the list of Fortune 500 CEOs. Fortune’s profile for Lex shows LexCorp’s tagline ‘Let’s build a better tomorrow today.’

Apparently, Eisenberg’s take on the famed antagonist comes with the vegan touch. Also, this Lex Luthor is a genius who wears jeans, sports arm tats, and dons hipster’s hair.

In the interview, Luthor was introduced as the 31-year-old CEO of LexCorp who has transformed his father’s petrochemical and heavy machinery company into a tech titan.

In the three-minute video, Lex narrates that his father, Lex Luthor Sr., named the company after himself 10 years before he unexpectedly came into his life.

Investors seemed to have appreciated the idea of a father working hard to build a legacy for his son. Lex continues his story saying that his dad used that compelling situation to his advantage and that made him a great businessman.

Getting more candid, he reveals his dad was an East German exile who arrived in America with nothing but managed to create something out of sheer grit and strong will. During his father’s rise, he made a lot of enemies, but Lex doesn’t see his father’s tenacity as something harmful, he admits.

It is slowly revealed that Luthor Sr. died sometime in 2000, but the article didn’t reveal the cause. Since then, Lex Jr. took over his father’s company and LexCorp has become the second largest tech company in the world, just behind Wayne Enterprises owned by Bruce Wayne.

While Luthor doesn’t mention the Gotham City-based billionaire, he did take a swipe at the Wayne Enterprises CEO claiming that there’s no competition between him and another debauched billionaire who also belongs to the playboy department.

It’s also evident that the magnate plans to protect the earth from Superman with the only machinery he can use – kryptonite. This was revealed as the interviewer touched Luthor’s world-famous collection of meteorite crystals.

Lastly, Lex teases that his company is on the brink of unveiling a technology that will change the world forever. The technology he speaks of aims to protect the world from harm.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Eisenberg tries to brush off his company and character’s evil nature in the interview ahead of “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Instead, he successfully sells the good side of LexCorp, the charity work his company has done, and the touching story of how it all began.

Batman Vs Superman

The viral campaign speaks a lot of what to expect from the upcoming film. It also gives a hint of the root of the hostility between LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises as well as Luthor’s military contracts to which the businessman admits that it is a necessity because the world is at the brink of danger and it’s approaching very fast.

To add more hype and fun to the marketing campaign, Luthor also launched his very own Twitter account, @alexanderluthor, and his very first tweet was about his interview with Fortune saying his father would be so proud of him.

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