World of Warcraft Rotates Its Events, Halloween Celebration Set to Start Soon!

One of the things that Blizzard like to do in order to keep “World of Warcraft” fresh and interesting, is to keep introducing regularly held events that bring their players together and get them chasing after a common goal for a while. These are usually centered around some holiday or a major event related to the game, and the next one coming up is “Hallow’s End”, an event meant to celebrate the upcoming Halloween.

Before that however, players will need to hurry up and wrap up their activities on Brewfest, the current event which lasts until October 6. Players were given lots of opportunities to have fun with this one, with activities related to drinking, racing around and competing with each other for various kinds of rewards setting the tone. The event was one of the more successful ones so far, and many players seem excited for the next installment.

But now, Hallow’s End is coming up and those who’re up for a spooky challenge should gear up their characters and prepare for some good fun. Players will be given various opportunities to mess around with this event once it starts on October 18, and they will once again face the Headless Horseman. There will be an option to go after him and take him down in combat in a special dungeon, and players who successfully defeat him will be given various special rewards, including a chance of winning his own mount.

On the other hand, a special new resource/currency will be obtainable during the event, which players can use to buy various goodies for their characters, including more special effects for their appearance as well as general customization options.

It’s all in good fun though – items obtainable with this currency aren’t meant to be game-changers, so players shouldn’t expect to become overpowered by just completing enough Halloween tasks. Of course, those who enjoy spicing up the looks of their characters are definitely going to like the idea of putting in a little more effort and getting the most rewards that they can manage.

More events are coming up too, and this is likely going to continue for as long as the game itself stays alive and relevant. People are still enjoying “World of Warcraft” quite a bit, even though it’s been a decade since the game came out and most titles would have died completely by this point. But not Blizzard’s MMO which actually managed to climb to the top of the rankings in its own genre and the gaming industry as a whole, and set various trends which other companies have just been copying since then.

Part of Blizzard’s success surely lies in their love for their community, and the company’s ability to always connect themselves to their fans and really do things that people want to see. When fans find out that Blizzard are planning yet another major event, this usually results in a spike in player numbers for “World of Warcraft”, as well as new subscriptions.

World of Warcraft

Some fans have been asking how much longer the game can possibly survive, on the other hand. It’s been quite a while since “World of Warcraft” started, and it’s been getting less and less popular over time, although it’s still hanging in there. At one point Blizzard are going to have to pull the plug on it, but thankfully it looks like there is still a lot of time to go by then.

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