‘The Following’ Hypothetical Season 4 Could Have Kevin Bacon’s Wife Directing an Episode, Some Fans Note

Actor Kevin Bacon was recently all praises on Twitter for his wife Kyra Sedgwick for her directorial debut on the big screen with the movie, “The Edge of Seventeen.”

In his tweet, Bacon lauded it as a great movie that sure made its viewers laugh and cry at the same time. He extended his congratulations to all the people behind the film but reserved the best felicitations to his wife whom he described as ‘oh so perfect.’

With the way Kevin Bacon commended the directing skills of Kyra Sedgwick, some fans are actually saying that if there was a hypothetical Season 4 of the American psychological thriller “The Following” on Fox, it is possible that Bacon’s wife may have been asked to direct at least one episode of the series.

However, some are saying that Sedgwick could have directed an episode of the hypothetical Season 5 and not the hypothetical Season 4 of “The Following.”

“The Following” was cancelled after airing its Season 3 finale on May 18, 2015 so assuming that it was renewed by Fox for a fourth season, then it would have aired from January to May this year.

Kyra Sedgwick was quite busy directing the movie “The Edge of Seventeen” early this year so she might not have time to direct an episode of “The Following” Season 4, assuming she was endorsed to the producers by her husband.

Now that she has gotten her first film project out of her plate, then she could focus on small things which might have included directing an episode of a TV series featuring her husband. Thus, the hypothetical Season 5 of “The Following” could have been where she would enter as director.

The hypothetical Season 5 of “The Following” would be happening next month until May of next year.

The what-ifs and could-have-beens of the show

It’s all over and done with for “The Following” on Fox but talks about the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘could have beens’ of the show continue to persist online.

One of the more interesting ‘could have beens’ of the show came from Alexi Hawley, one of the showrunners of “The Following,” who said months after the show was canceled by Fox for its fourth season, that the TV show would have featured an uber-rich serial killer in the supposed fourth season.

Hawley disclosed that the showrunners have talked about the concept of having an extremely rich serial killer to break away from the identity of the murderer, details the Vine Report.

He said that it would have been a richer and more domineering murderer than Joe Caroll, played excellently well by James Purefoy in Season 1; Strauss, played by Gregg Henry, in Season 2; and Theo, played by Michael Ealy, in Season 3.

All downhill after the first season

Last year, Fox announced that it had cancelled “The Following,” the TV series about former FBI agent Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon and serial killer Joe Carroll.

The series, which debuted in January 2013, aired its two-hour series finale on May 18, 2015 after three seasons of dwindling ratings.

While some are saying that show had excellent storylines, many critics say that only the first season of “The Following” measured up to uniqueness and excellence. The next two seasons have been half-baked compared to the show’s debut season.

The series finale, which was locked in before “The Following” was cancelled, was crafted as a prelude to Season 4. But with Season 4 no longer an option, the Season 3 finale left “The Following” viewers with major unanswered questions.

the following scene

Despite the petition of fans to give the show one final season to tie all loose ends, Fox never bothered entertaining the notion since the petition was not able to muster the needed numbers to be even considered worthy of exploration.

Incidentally, it was not just Kevin Bacon who got busy even after the show was cancelled by Fox for Season 4 in May of last year.

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