‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ will Be Bethesda’s Biggest Role-Playing Game Next Year

There have been insinuations as early as May that the game developer will be launching the gameplay trailer and reveal more details of a role-playing game in the annual trade fair.

Gamers and enthusiasts were thinking that the video game would either be “Fallout 4” or “The Elder Scrolls 6” as those are the only two role-playing games that have long been awaited by gamers from Bethesda.

Further attesting to this is the fact that Bethesda has launched an extension of its multiplayer game “The Elder Scrolls Online” titled “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited” on June 9 for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

With an extension of its online multiplayer game launched last year already out on June 9, it is very unlikely for the game developer to make any unveiling of an upcoming video game one week later or on the same month as that would definitely be counter-productive promotions-wise.

Reports have also started coming out regarding the possible location of the next installment of the very successful “The Elder Scrolls” game series. There are plenty of possible locations for the “Elder Scrolls 6” since there are still a number of untapped possibilities that were not covered by the first five games of the series.


  1. While it would be wonderfull with a game in here in 2016, I’m in doubt that it’s possible. Bethesda isn’t usually pushing their games out to fit a certain date, they take their time to the games as best as they can.

    In my experience with TES games, which is from Morrowind and up to TESO, the word “Argonia” have not been used much. The only times was when the history of the area now known as Black Marsh was being told. (as Argonia was the name it had before a longer series of events) In other words the word “Argonia” is uncommon to most TES players, and I think Bethesda qre well-aware of this. Unless the setting is way back in time, even before the events of TESO (which is 1.000 years BEFORE Skyrim), Argonia seems a highly unlikely title for the next game. As for Redguard, I can better see that working as a title, also because the largely independant Hammerfell is an interesting story, we get a snag of it with Saadra in Whiterun in Skyrim. But again, “Hammerfell” (which sounds like a Mastodon-esque 80’s metal band) is a title with more power and more recognition amongst TES-players.

    My personal hope is either for Elsweyr or for the Summerset Ilses. The Summerset Ilses are obvious, as this is the root of the Thalmor, which was one of the main points in Skyrim. As for Elsweyr, there is plenty of tention between the poor, but highly populated north desert (Pelletine) and the rich, but rather less populated south jungles (Anequina).

    1. both the alik’r and black marsh ((seriously, argonia? do you even lore bro?))
      are largely independent of the empire even during the reign of the septim dynasty, and both would be very interesting subjects of the next game, espectially in the 4th era timeline, as the government of the alik’r has won battles and secured indendence from the empire and dominion, on the other hand, black marsh is largly unexplored even to the 4th era, it being far to treacherous to mount any substantial form of conquest, even tiber septim just conqured the outlying regions and left the heart of it alone.

      in conclusion, whichever province it takes place in, im kool with it

  2. “Bethesda develops and publishes to quality, rather then to scale”…seriously, who believes that crock of a line. From Skyrim being a bugged unplayable mess, to the other known glitches their games release with. That is NOT publishing quality, it’s publishing unfinished work product. Zenimax did ESO, but that over a year wait for it to hit consoles wasn’t very reassuring about the “quality” they mention.

  3. Eh…. I don’t think so. 2016? That’s too soon. I’m thinking 2018 instead, which would give them 3 years to devote the bulk of the team to it now that Fallout 4 is out and only the DLC and patch team remains behind.

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