The Elder Scrolls 6 Probably Still Coming… but not Anytime Soon!

There have also been rumors about “Fallout” getting its own online counterpart, but fans of the game have been mostly against that idea for various reasons. On one hand, they remember what happened with “The Elder Scrolls Online” and don’t want Bethesda to repeat that mistake with their favorite game.

On the other hand, while “The Elder Scrolls” relies on immersion to a good extent to deliver its experience and build a solid atmosphere, this goes double for “Fallout” which explores the themes of isolation, society falling apart and others which would not mesh well at all with a large number of players.

Because of this, it’s probably best for Bethesda to focus firmly on polishing “Fallout 4” right now and developing any new content they might have planned for “The Elder Scrolls Online”.

Because “Fallout” is a series that has been in dire need of a strong sequel, and we are confident that Bethesda can pull that off in an amazing way if they concentrate on that game as much as they can. Pre-release testing is a must this time, as even though “Fallout 4” will likely be very moddable as well, it should still make a solid first impression in order to satisfy its fans.

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