GTA 5 Online Expanded with New Missions Made by the Community!

Rockstar have decided to allow their players to take part in the development of their favorite game, “GTA 5”, and they have released several man-made missions as official additions to the base game. Some of those include various throwbacks to previous titles by the company, and everyone has been having a lot of fun with the new content, especially the players who got to see their hard work immortalized by a studio they love so much.

The names of most missions make it clear what they’re referring to, and they have been split across all platforms that the game was released on, including previous-generation consoles. This is good news to fans of the game playing it on older systems, as there were some rumors that Rockstar were planning to stop releasing mods on old consoles at some point as they would be limited by the hardware.

At least for now though, all fans of the game will get to enjoy its new content. Responses to the missions have been quite positive across the board, and it looks like most fans of the game would definitely not mind getting another round of fan-made missions at some point in the future.

First we have “The LS Midnight Club III”, which is obviously focused on fast-paced racing all over town as its name implies. The mission actually requires some solid driving skills at some points, and some players have been expressing a lot of positivity towards the way it was done. A more challenging mission is something this game has been in need of, according to some, as the base content tends to be a bit too easy at times.

Then we have “Manhunt”, a reference to a controversial game with the same name which Rockstar released years ago – and followed up with an even more controversial sequel. “Manhunt” was focused on extreme violence and a dark mood, and the “GTA 5” mission reflects that as fully as possible, with dark, moody levels focused on melee combat and a constant sense of danger. This is the mission for those who enjoy a good thrill and a dose of horror, and it’s been getting a lot of attention across the community.

Last but not least, there’s “Smuggler’s Run” which again focuses on solid driving skills. The above missions are available on the PS3 and PS4, while players on other platforms are going to get a different set of missions to play around with. They are somewhat similar to what we described above, although they take place in different locations and feature slightly different rules than their PlayStation counterparts.

In the end though, the basic premise is the same – the first and third mission are about high-speed driving, while the second one is all about violent melee combat and survival in a dark environment. We don’t know how soon Rockstar are planning to release another batch of missions in the same style, but it’s clear that their fans would definitely enjoy seeing more of that type of content.

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For now, they should just keep exploring what they’ve been given in this release of missions, and those who want to shape the future of the game might want to look into their options for designing their own missions. “GTA 5” is currently at its peak – unless Rockstar are planning something even more dramatic for it in the future – and those who create custom content for it are going to get a lot of exposure very easily.

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