The Elder Scrolls 6 not Coming Anytime Soon, Bethesda Focused Firmly on Fallout 4!

And even though Bethesda and Valve reversed their decision and restored the modding community as it was, they did imply that the system would be back in another incarnation in the future, after they’ve had a chance to think it over more carefully.

The implications of that for the modding community don’t seem very clear at the moment, but we definitely hope that the studio hasn’t forgotten where they started and what the main driving reason behind the success of their games was.

If the next “Elder Scrolls” game comes without the same modding support that accompanied the company’s previous releases – or if it tries to force the monetized system onto the modding community – it could be a major failure and sink the entire franchise.

The franchise as a whole has already suffered a bit from the release of “The Elder Scrolls Online” which faced a lot of criticism from the community due to various issues with its gameplay, and people ended up convinced that there is absolutely no potential in an online title in this universe. Whether or not that’s true or if it’s possible with the right amount of polish, we can’t say – but hopefully Bethesda aren’t going to try integrating online multiplayer in a forced way in the next entry in the “Elder Scrolls” series, as that could be a huge disaster.

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