Apple iPad Mini 4 Possibly Coming in a Few Days, Along with Other iOS Devices!

Apple have an important press event coming up, and many of their fans are expecting to see some interesting announcements there, especially with regards to the company’s tablet line. There have been various rumors about new iPad devices in the pipeline for quite some time now, and it’s obvious that a lot of people want to see this come true. However, as usual, Apple have been keeping their mouths shut with regards to their new devices and we have no idea what the company is actually planning.

First, we have rumors about the new iPad Pro, which is expected to be a relatively large-sized tablet aimed at business users, and reports indicate that Apple are already securing various deals for the use of the device in corporate environments. Whether or not it will see much acceptance and widespread use outside of the contracts that Apple has closed before its launch, we don’t know – but it is true that there’s a pretty good potential for a device of this type in the market.

The iPad mini 4 might also debut at the same event, offering a smaller version of the classic device with an even more powerful processor than before. There have been rumors about improvements to iOS to make proper use of the better hardware as well, but of course this is quite difficult to confirm right now as we have no idea what developments Apple are actually planning on the iOS front. This is one of the most secretive areas of development for the company, and we would be surprised if they let any information leak before the official announcement.

It’s also been rumored that the new iPad Pro will come with special support for a “ForceTouch” stylus to make proper use of its larger screen. It will also reportedly have better hardware all over the device, with a clearer screen and even better external speakers. Various features of the device are reportedly aimed at making it a better experience when used in a business environment, but we haven’t been able to confirm specific details there.

If the devices really do get announced at the September 9 event, when are they actually going to come out? Rumors claim that we can expect to see the iPad Pro first, around the end of October, followed by another launch in November. Apple are apparently trying to get people quite hyped for the holiday season, and it seems to be working out quite well for them so far, as a lot of users are eager to see what they’ve prepared with the new iPads.

There are various rumors that talk about the arrival of a new major iOS version too, and we would be curious to see what the company might have prepared in this area. There are lots of possible improvements that can be implemented in the operating system, especially when it comes to boosting its usability and multitasking, and Apple have reportedly been hard at work getting the most out of their software.

iPad Mini 4

It’s peculiar to see that the iPad mini 4 hasn’t been enjoying that much attention in the circles of speculation about Apple’s upcoming releases, even though logically it should be the device that’s talked about more. We would expect that business users would be the ones primarily focused on discussing the new iPad Pro, but apparently that’s not quite the case as many regular users are interested in seeing what that device is going to offer.

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