Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Drama might not Be Over Just Yet: Bieber Apparently Referencing His Ex in New Songs!

It’s been a while since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, and while Bieber has been doing whatever he can to show the world that he’s over this relationship and doesn’t care about the break-up, his actions might be indicating something a bit different. Recently, he’s been referencing his ex in some of his new songs, and while the singer hasn’t made any direct comments about his former lover, the implication does seem quite clear.

According to reports, fans of Bieber who’ve been watching the new music video for “What Do You Mean” have apparently noticed a peculiar detail – the name “Selena” written in graffiti in a wall in the background of the clip, surrounded by other words like “love”. The implications seem quite clear, and Bieber doesn’t even have to say anything at this point because most of his fans are convinced that he’s still longing for Selena Gomez.

However, it’s worth pointing out that Bieber is not in direct control over those videos, after all. He just performs the songs written for him and sings in front of a camera for the video, and the producers decide what the actual video will be like. And while he most likely knew what kind of background he was singing on, he might not have had much of a say in removing the text from the wall if he felt uncomfortable by it.

This might have something to do with recent rumors that Bieber and Gomez might be looking into getting back together, something that’s been discussed quite often in the last few months. And even though there was an apparently official confirmation that the pair had split up for good, fans still haven’t given up hope and have been discussing the possibility that they’re still dating quite actively.

It’s been three years after all, and it would be quite strange to find out that Bieber is still attached to Gomez at this point, especially after what both of them have gone through in the meantime. Still, we have no idea what’s going on in the heads of celebrities like them, and it’s entirely possible that they might come out with a big surprise for their fans after some time.

After all, they’ve both matured quite a bit through all this time and it might be that they’re now looking at their potential relationship in a different light, realizing that there is still something in there worth exploring. But of course, this is just speculation based on the discussions among fans and we don’t know what the official situation is like in the background.

Still, even though the two are no longer dating, it’s at least good to see that the romance between them led to some good art coming out from both sides, as both artists have been very active in their field and have been putting out plenty of good work. It looks like they’ve both taken something out of this relationship and learned from it, and are using it as inspiration.

justin bieber and selena gomez

But Bieber has been showing a different attitude lately, outside of the hidden messages in his songs – he’s been actively chasing after other girls and it looks like the singer is definitely trying to get Selena Gomez out of his mind, if she’s even in there at this point at all. Whether or not something might happen between them in the future, we have no idea.

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