‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 to Feature More Revelations about Mike Ehrmantraut, Hints Actor Jonathan Banks!

With key nominations from the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, “Better Call Saul” looks prime for a big haul come September 20th.

Having been recognized by critics for the simple but obvious reason that it is one hell of a great TV series just like its predecessor TV show “Breaking Bad,” it is no wonder that fans are always on the lookout for what is in store for Season 2 when it premieres on AMC early next year.

Bob Odenkirk, plays the role of Saul Goodman, which is the same villainous character he played previously in “Breaking Bad.” However, in “Better Call Saul,” he started off as a good small-time lawyer known as James Morgan ‘Jimmy’ McGill.

He was Jimmy McGill in the entire first season of “Better Call Saul.” While he showed traces of his future self, he never metamorphosed into a villain, or not just yet. Apparently, Jimmy’s transformation to Saul will happen in Season 2.

The TV series will take viewers through a new journey when it returns and the focus of the second season will be the transition of Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman. Prior to turning into a villain, the character will have to go through a lot of changes which the upcoming Season 2 episodes will dwell into.

No monopoly in great acting

But Bob Odenkirk does not have the monopoly of great acting in the TV series that is why it is such a joy to watch among its loyal viewers.

There is also Jonathan Banks, who plays the role of Mike Ehrmantraut. Having been nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, Banks’ character is certainly one of the fan-favorites in “Better Call Saul.”

The actor actually got the same nomination from the same award-giving body for the same role that he played on “Breaking Bad,” which only indicates how good he really is in acting.

When asked if he felt that any of his co-stars in the show should have been nominated in the Primetime Emmy, he said Michael McKean should be the one and he believes that the actor will finally get the nod of the critics after the second season of “Better Call Saul.”

Banks says Michael is doing a great job and he will probably be prime for nomination if he follows up his good performance in the first season in next year’s Season 2, notes Call Saul Now.

As for what fans should expect on his Mike Ehrmantraut character, Banks said that there will be plenty of revelations on Mike in the upcoming Season 2, but he refuses to divulge any other details beyond such hint.

Serious fan clamor

The popularity and success of “Breaking Bad” has actually spilled over to its prequel “Better Call Saul” and the high ratings during its first season is an indication of better things for the TV series also on AMC when its Season 2 unravels early next year.

Better Call Saul

As production of “Better Call Saul” is now ongoing, fans of the show are clamoring for the possible guesting stint of key “Breaking Bad” characters, particularly Bryan Cranston and his very popular Walter White character, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

While Bob Odenkirk understands the impact of the mother series on the popularity of “Better Call Saul,” he said that the current TV series should not compete with the success of its predecessor.

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