The Blacklist Season 3 Has some Interesting Changes in Store for Its Characters!

After all though, the past of the character and all of the stories that she’s left behind obviously play into who she is right now, and she will need to come to terms with her identity slowly but steadily. This is probably something that will be aided by her new haircut, as we said above.

It’s interesting how such small details can actually end up being such important plot points when the writers play them off appropriately, and the show’s writers seem to really love inserting all sorts of small details into their work for fans to look out for.

It’s one of the shows that loves to hide smaller bits all over its episodes and fans often love coming back to previous episodes to see what they might have missed.

Information revealed in recent episodes usually adds to something we’ve seen previously, and we expect that season 3 is even going to take this concept one step further and allude to things that have been happening all throughout the first two seasons of the show. It will be completely in the style of the show’s writers, and it will also obviously be something that fans are going to enjoy, so it should be a win for everyone involved in the end if the writers decide to do that.

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  1. What I cannot understand Is why Red did not hide Liz until 2 or say 4am and then get her out of the city. I know it is to late now as we are going to see Red and Liz thinking on their feet but I would have though that a guy with and assortment of hiding places (and friends) around the would not have placed himself in that position.

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