The Walking Dead Season 6 to Kill Off more Characters, Few Are Surprised!

Some shows on TV are definitely not aimed at people who tend to grow attached to characters and end up sad from seeing them killed off. “Game of Thrones” is probably the most notorious one in that category, but it’s far from the only series that treats its characters as expendable and regularly takes them off the screen. “The Walking Dead” is another popular name in this regard, and it looks like the sixth season of the show is going to continue that trend with full force.

We’ve already been getting various spoilers about the new season which paint some interesting pictures for what we can expect, and with about one month to go before the new episodes start airing, discussions in fan communities have been getting more and more active and excited. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true season of “The Walking Dead” if at least one character doesn’t die, but it sounds like the producers are actually planning to kill off at least two characters during this season, and cause permanent harm to someone else.

And for better or worse, we’ve already seen spoilers that reveal who the two unlucky characters are going to be. Fans who don’t want to spoil the season for themselves should obviously skip the next paragraph, but it might be better to get this out of the way because those spoilers will be very difficult to avoid pretty soon.

Fans have already been talking about the revelation quite a lot, and obviously many people are disappointed to hear that Jessie and Sam are going to die. Their death is going to be very dramatic as well, as the characters will be surrounded by a group of walkers along with several others, and Sam ends up getting eaten alive by the zombies.

And even though Jessie will try to save him, that will be in vain as she will end up dying too. Other characters will obviously be affected by what’s going on, both in the immediate sense and in the long term. In that particular scene, they will have to find a way to escape the situation without any damage to the rest, which of course is going to be difficult when it means coming up against someone you were attached to and having to kill them, even though they’re now in a different form and not themselves.

It’s been revealed that Rick will chop Jessie’s arm off, and the incident will be followed by a lot of gunfire as there will be a large gunfight. In that incident, Carl is going to go blind in one eye, apparently from a stray bullet or something along these lines (the exact details haven’t been confirmed yet). However, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise to those who’re already familiar with the comic books that the show is based on, as it’s part of the canon that Carl loses his eye. It was pretty much expected that this was going to happen, though fans weren’t sure if the scene would be depicted in the same way as in the comic books.

The Walking Dead Season 6

Other than that, we’ve been hearing some pretty dramatic rumors about the new season and it looks like this is going to be one of the most dramatic installments of “The Walking Dead” yet. It might even change the landscape of the show permanently in some regards – not just in the sense of losing characters, but also in reshaping the relationships between others.

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