Tesla Motors Expects to Employ 6,500 Workers for Gigafactory by 2020

Additionally, the company has shelled out around $143.2 million in the battery manufacturing plant facility to date which came straight from the latest numbers from Tesla Motors itself.

In addition to reducing the cost of batteries for its electric cars, the full operation of the Tesla gigafactory will also see a decrease in the cost of its stationary solar energy storage units, the Powerwall, and the Powerpack.

Before deciding on Nevada as the site of the gigafactory, Tesla Motors considered sites in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for the location of its expansive multi-billion dollar manufacturing facility.

Nevada was eventually chosen for the site of the gigafactory and the state provided $1.25 billion incentive grants to Tesla Motors in the form of tax breaks and perks.

Although massive and somewhat groundbreaking, the Tesla gigafactory is not unique in the world. Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD has also started the construction of its own battery factory somewhere in China and is enjoying financial backing from Warren Buffett, the world’s richest businessman.

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