Dota 2 and Its Current Competitive Scene: What Can Valve Do to Evolve the Game Further?

“Dota 2” is currently one of the most popular games on the PC platform, and it’s also one of the best competitive titles in terms of both viewer numbers as well as profits. Recent reports have actually indicated that it might be one of the most profitable e-sports in the world with its official tournament – and this has prompted some players to question the direction the game has been moving in recently.

“The International”, the annually held tournament for the game, is expected to rack up more than $15 million in prize money this year, making it even more profitable than last year’s edition with its $11 million prize pool. With that in mind, some players seem convinced that it’s time to stop treating the event as an annual one, and start holding it more regularly. This is something that will benefit both the game and its players, fans are claiming.

Not everyone agrees though – some seem convinced that running “The International” more often than once per year is going to have a negative effect on its popularity, as it’s currently a more special event that a lot of players are actively looking forward to.

Valve could at least spend a little more time and money on the organizational aspect of the tournament, others are claiming, as they have been performing rather poorly on that front with the last tournament, particularly when it came to some judging decisions and back-end organizational issues. Players were mostly left with the impression that things were in a messy state behind the stage, and that many parts of the system were working just based on luck alone.

And yet, Valve didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to those problems as they were mostly occupied with other aspects of the event. This, according to some, is a worrying indication that there might not be any changes in this year’s edition of the tournament. If Valve weren’t paying close attention to the issues of last year’s International, they likely won’t do things any differently this time around.

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On the other hand, there have been lots of discussions about the state of “The International” online, and players have been very vocal about the issues they had with the tournament. If Valve are paying attention to those online discussions, that should be enough to give them the right idea for the direction they need to be working in. Valve are generally a company that pays a lot of attention to the opinions of its customers, so they should know what kinds of changes their crowds are looking for.

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