Tesla Motors Expects to Employ 6,500 Workers for Gigafactory by 2020

Tesla Motors has started hiring more staff for its multi-billion dollar gigafatory located at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center in Storey County, Nevada which is well within its projection of employing a total of 6,500 workers for the manufacturing facility by 2020.

In a recent job posting, the Palo Alto-based company provided the detailed description of each position available on its career site. The posting did not include the wages and salaries that the workers will receive for each position but Tesla Motors, based on its original application to the State of Nevada, will provide wages that shall range from $22.79 per hour to $51.83 per hour, reports Value Walk.

Tesla posted mostly full-time technical job openings for supply chain, equipment maintenance technician, inventory analyst, facilities mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, manufacturing engineer, facilities manager, process engineering manager, production control manager, quality manager, senior technical recruiter, production supervisor, training associate, workplace supervisor, and buyer.

A battery factory

The first Tesla gigafactory, also referred to as Gigafactory 1, is a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility currently under construction in Nevada. It is expected to become operational by 2017.

Tesla projects the cost of building the facility at approximately $5 billion. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval claimed that the state would enjoy $100 billion in economic benefits in the next two decades from the construction of the Tesla gigafactory.

The company expects to achieve a minimum of 30% reduction in the production cost for the electric vehicle battery and powerwall packs when the gigafactory comes on stream in 2017.

It is also projected that by 2020, the gigafactory will achieve a production capacity of 35 GWh/year of cells and 50 GWh/year of battery packs, employing approximately 6,500 workers, and supplying an estimated 500,000 Tesla electric cars per year.

In addition to Tesla Motors, Panasonic is also an investor in the facility, which the company announced as early as July 2014.

The gigafactory will produce 18650-size battery cells which can be put in various devices such as drones, toys, and Grid energy storage.

Tesla Motors president Elon Musk detailed that the gigafactory is diamond shaped to fit with the environment and reduce the amount of earth needed for its construction. It shall also point to the true north to enable the placement of GPS equipment.

Hiring binge

According to the State of Nevada, based on the information provided by Tesla Motors, the company has already hired 12 key employees for the gigafactory beginning in the first quarter of this year.

tesla gigafactory

The company has since invested $80.6 million in the gigafactory construction in the first quarter of 2015, $314,000 of it is for the total salary paid to those 12 employees, which means that Tesla is paying good money to its workers.

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