Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to Roll Out in October Along with Windows 10

It was previously rumored that Microsoft would be launching the latest iteration of its laptop/tablet combo, the Surface Pro 4, at the recently concluded Build Developers Conference in San Francisco, California held on April 29 to May 1 en route to the device’s possible release in July.

But nothing has been heard from the Redmondian company during the recent event setting off new rounds of speculations on the possible launching and release dates for the Surface Pro 4.

July as a release date may no longer be suitable too since Microsoft has yet to set an official launching date for the Surface Pro 4.

According to a report by the Inquisitr, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will most likely be released to the retail markets in October so that it can come with Windows 10 on it. Apparently, Microsoft would be launching its latest operating system also in October. If that happens, the Surface Pro 4 will be the first device to have a pre-loaded Windows 10.

Why holding off makes sense

Microsoft thought it best to hold off the release of the Surface Pro 4 from July to October so that the device could already come out in the retail markets with Windows 10 on it.

Based on its own timetable, Microsoft thought it was impossible for the company to come out with Windows 10 in July. So if it releases its latest laptop/tablet combo with Windows 8.1 on it, it would not have the same impact as having the Windows 10 when it comes out of the box.

Microsoft has also been launching its Surface tablets every October beginning in 2012 so unveiling the fourth generation of the tablet in October this year seems appropriate.

Another possible reason for the delay in the release date of the Surface Pro 4 is due to the fact that Microsoft would like its combo laptop/tablet to compete directly with the rumored Apple iPad Pro, which the American tech giant may be launching in September this year.

The Surface Pro 4, consistent with previous reports, will apparently come in two models – a 12-inch and a 14-inch variant and both will have up to one terabyte of storage and 16 GB of RAM. Accordingly, both models will also make use of stylus and matching keyboards.

Drawing near

Late in April, there have been reports that the release date of the Surface Pro 4 appears to be drawing near as big discounts have been offered on its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, by US retail giant Best Buy.

Best Buy has offered huge discounts for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that obviously indicate the forthcoming of the device’s successor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 was retailed at Best Buy last month for as low as $600, which was obviously lower than its retail price when it was launched last year. Best Buy also offered a trade-in deal for buyers with functioning Surface Pro 3 where they can get as much as $200 discount and a $50 gift card.

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