“Tekken 7” February 12 Rumored Release Date Debunked by Bandai Namco; But Developer Assures that the Game will be Coming Out this Year!

Harada explained that those gaming consoles are genuinely new to them and that it would be difficult for them to give a distinct reply on whether “Tekken 7” will be ported to those gaming consoles in the future or not.

When asked what would be the difference of “Tekken 7” from the other fighting games now in the video game retail markets, Harada said that the upcoming game is 3D while most of its competition is 2D.

Harada explained that a lot of other 2D fighting game are using 3D game models and graphics, but to actually have 3D coordinators and be able to move into the background and foreground in a way that changes the gameplay is something that sets “Tekken 7” and the franchise apart from other games.

He pointed out that there were more 3D fighters in the field many years back but “Tekken” has been the only major one that remains to this day, indicative of the durability and dynamism of the game.

When asked if Bandai Namco has considered incorporating PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio support for “Tekken 7,” Harada said that the gaming platforms are relatively new so it is unlikely that they would have the support considering that the game is about to hit the gaming consoles and the PC in a matter of weeks.

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