Tanya DLC for Mortal Kombat X Coming June 9, Kombat Pack Owners Get Her One Week Early!

On the other hand, the overall gameplay of “Mortal Kombat X” saw some changes compared to previous installments in the franchise, so the developers might decide to change Tanya a little bit as well. This could be especially true since she’s being introduced as DLC, so she would have a more special place in the overall configuration.

Are other classic “Mortal Kombat” characters going to be introduced as DLC as well? There has been speculation about who’s coming with the rest of the content included in the Kombat Pack, but there have been no hints on the developer side.

Hopefully, they will keep the content as original as possible instead of relying too much on rehashing old characters and skins though, as players definitely expect to get some fresh new content with the Kombat Pack, especially considering that they’ve paid $29.99 for it. We will have to wait and see in the coming weeks and months as new content is announced.

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