Tanya DLC for Mortal Kombat X Coming June 9, Kombat Pack Owners Get Her One Week Early!

Development of new content for “Mortal Kombat X” continues, and the next DLC for the game is going to feature a classic iconic character from the series, Tanya. This was just recently revealed in an official announcement, which also gave a release date for the character – she’s coming on June 2 for owners of the Kombat Pack, while everyone else will get her a week later on June 9.

The Kombat Pack is this game’s equivalent of a Season Pass, giving players access to all DLC that is scheduled to be released, which will include four new characters and various costume packs, all offered together for $29.99. So far, one of the four characters has been released, and Tanya will be the second.

Her first appearance was in “Mortal Kombat 4” and she is a classic character in the series, as well as a favorite to many fans. Understandably, the announcement that she’s coming to “Mortal Kombat X” immediately made fans very excited and discussions about the DLC were running left and right.

Players have been quite active in arguing about what Tanya will be capable of when she’s introduced to “Mortal Kombat X”, as there have been some rumors about her special skills. She was already featured in the game’s story mode, but not in a complete version as her skills were somewhat limited. Now, she will be a full-featured character with three variants like every other fighter.

Those who have been engaging in those arguments would be happy to know that they would get a definite answer to their questions about Tanya’s gameplay on June 1, when a preview of the character will be shown on Twitch. We will get to see some gameplay of her, including all her new special moves and the overall fighting style that she will bring to the table, so all confusion should be cleared up before the release.

Of course, it’s possible that we might not see absolutely everything at the official reveal, as the developers may want to keep a few surprises for their fans to discover on their own. Still, it would be good to at least see what the character’s typical fighting style is, and how she performs against other characters and their special skills.

Mortal Kombat X

If the previous games are of any indication, Tanya should be one of the more balanced fighters, leaning on the side of being slightly more demanding in terms of skills and reaction times. Her gameplay style has traditionally been fast paced, and we can expect that to be preserved in the new game as well.

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