Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Join 16th Birthday Celebration of Johnny’s Daughter Lily Rose

On May 27, Lily Rose, Johnny Depp’s eldest daughter by Vanessa Paradis, marked her 16th birthday which she decided to celebrate at Ago Restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

It was one of those occasions to be cordial and warm so the event brought in her mother as expected, her father Johnny, and her father’s newly-wedded wife Amber Heard.

But there was no animosity at all between Vanessa and Amber as they were seen together mingling and spending quality time with Lily Rose as she marks another important milestone in her young life, reports Hollywood Life.

It was also the perfect occasion for both Johnny and Amber to dispel rumors that they are on the way to splitsville and will be divorcing soon, barely five months after tying the knot early in February this year.


Considering how Johnny left the 42-year-old Vanessa after living together for 14 years and marrying the 28-year-old Amber, many were actually thinking that there is bad blood between the two women.

So instead of seeing the two of them having a catfight and pulling each other’s hair out or trying to gouge each other’s eyes out, it was nearly to everyone’s amazement that they were quite cordial with one another during Lily Rose’s sweet sixteen party.

Apparently, it was a double celebration of sort for Johnny. Apart from her daughter’s 16-year birthday party, he should be toasting inside his heart and mind knowing that his wife and his ex-partner are actually getting along just fine with each other.

After the birthday dinner party, Johnny and Amber quietly slipped out of the venue via the side exit and they were seen being followed by at least five bodyguards. Lily Rose and her mother Vanessa stepped out of the venue through the front door behind a lone bodyguard.

Jail time for Johnny

There have been reports that Johnny Depp might be facing jail time in Australia after he reportedly smuggled his two pet dogs Pistol and Boo to Australia onboard his private jet while filming “Pirates of the Caribbean 5.”

amber heard and johnny depp

It was not clear however if the Australian government will be taking legal action against the actor or just asked him to pay the necessary penalty for slipping in his pet dogs to the country, unbeknownst to the local government.


    1. Too true!

      At last JD does something totally predictable’s something a man just cannot resist doing, young bimbo’s become magnetic when a man gets to 45+….i guess we can congratulate him for resisting for a few years lol
      We can all finally relax in the knowledge that JD is just like ‘all the others’ and is not set apart from the rest of the testosterone-on-legs species.

      Crikey boyo, you had a fine chance to carve a new path for other men to follow….blew it…blew it and doused it in peroxide.


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