Selena Gomez Holds the Key to Rekindling Romance with Justin Bieber

The hangout session was merely a reunion as the two just had a chill session with friends.

The two actually sat right next to each other during the hangout session as their friends joked around. One of their friends who was present, Rick Wilkerson, subsequently posted a Snapchat story with Justin and Selena.

The video and Snapchat story went viral among the millions of Jelena fans all over the world and it was clear that Justin and Selena did not want to keep their little reunion a secret or away from the public’s eyes.

But it was just a reunion with friends and nothing more for Justin and Selena. But three days before their hangout session with friends, the two were also seen together at The Hillsong Church.

An eyewitness who saw the two young musicians said that Justin and Selena were at the backstage of The Hillsong Church on May 24 and they seemed to be really cool with each other. They did not leave the church together though.

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